Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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Alan Maki
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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

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What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

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Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Historic Vote on MN ASAP Resolution!

(Please forward this email to others; post to blogs and websites)

The Minneapolis City Council is poised to vote (December 6th and 7th) on the MN ASAP resolution, calling for a reduction and redirection of Pentagon spending from

war to meeting essential needs in our communities.

MN ASAP wants to thank supportive Members of the Minneapolis City Council for taking leadership on this resolution. Particularly, we want to thank Council Member Cam Gordon for moving this forward.

1.) The MN ASAP resolution will receive a vote by the Minneapolis City Council's "Intergovernmental Affairs Committee"! Please attend this vote. It's important we show the council that folks care about connecting the dots between bloated Pentagon spending and cuts to essential services at the local level.

When: Thursday, December 6th. Meeting starts at 10:00 am.

Where: RM 317, Minneapolis City Hall, 350 S. 5th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Note: Contact minnesotaasap@gmail.com / 612-338-1230 for more information. Sign up on our website to receive email notifications, to personally endorse our resolution, or to volunteer. If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP to our event here.

2.) Assuming (as we do) that the "Intergovernmental Affairs Committee" passes the MN ASAP resolution, we expect a vote by the regular, full City Council the next day (Friday, December 7th). Following that vote, we will hold a press conference. Details TBD.

3.) Council Members Glidden, Gordon, Schiff, Reich, Quincy, and Hodges have agreed to co-sponsor the MN ASAP resolution in the Minneapolis City Council. We have been told to expect a yes vote from Council Members Lilligren and Goodman. Please call / email to thank them. If your Council Member is not mentioned above, please contact them and ask for co-sponsorship / a yes vote on our resolution.

Minneapolis Mayor and City Council

To locate your ward number and Council Member’s name, check this site:

Mayor R. T. Rybak 612-673-2100 or via website http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/mayor/office/index.asp

Kevin Reich (Ward 1) 612-673-2201 or Kevin.Reich@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Cam Gordon (Ward 2) 612-673-2202 or Cam.Gordon@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Diane Hofstede (Ward 3) 612-673-2203 or Diane.Hofstede@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Barbara Johnson (Ward 4) 612-673-2204 or Barbara.Johnson@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Don Samuels (Ward 5) 612-673-2205 or Don.Samuels@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Robert Lilligren (Ward 6) 612-673-2206 or Robert.Lilligren@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Lisa Goodman (Ward 7) 612-673-2207 or Lisa.Goodman@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Elizabeth Glidden (Ward 8) 612-673-2208 or Elizabeth.Glidden@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Gary Schiff (Ward 9) 612-673-2209 or Gary.Schiff@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Meg Tuthill (Ward 10) 612-673-2210 or Meg.Tuthill@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

John Quincy (Ward 11) 612-673-2211 or John.Quincy@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Sandy Colvin Roy (Ward 12) 612-673-2212 or Sandra.Colvin.Roy@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Betsy Hodges (Ward 13) 612-673-2213 or Betsy.Hodges@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

4.) MN ASAP is prepared to put up a billboard on military spending. This billboard is planned for Interstate 35, near Hinkley, MN. We have funding to keep it up for about 3 months. If you wish to contribute a donation to MN ASAP for billboards or staff compensation, visit here.

5.) Want to pass the MN ASAP resolution in your area? You can join an existing effort in: Duluth, Lakeville, Eagan, Apple Valley, Mounds View, Golden Valley, or Little Falls, or Northfield. If there is not a MN ASAP group in your area, we will help you start one! Contact us at minnesotaasap@gmail.com, sign-up here, and learn how to get started.


MN ASAP is a non-partisan citizen-based initiative using a simple resolution process to build political support to shift federal spending priorities from war to meeting essential needs.

MN ASAP’s goal is to build sufficient political power and influence statewide from representatives at all levels of government and from non-governmental organizations and civic groups to effectively demand a shift in priorities from war spending to meeting essential needs.

To help in our efforts, please visit "what you can do" in our site menu or email us at minnesotaasap@gmail.com. Our project is not time-consuming, compared to most issue-based campaigns. A meaningful contribution can be made within a busy schedule.

Resolution of the City of Minneapolis

Supporting Shifting Federal Funding Priorities from Military Operations to Meeting the Needs of Local Communities

By Glidden, Gordon, Schiff, Reich, Quincy, and Hodges

Whereas, in 2011 Minnesota government was shut down over disputes as to how to address a $5 billion two-year budget shortfall; and,

Whereas, Minnesota taxpayer spending for war far exceeds the state’s budget deficits with Minnesotans having spent more than $39.8 billion to fund the Iraq and Afghan wars since 2001;


Whereas, the taxpayers of Minneapolis have paid more than $2.3 billion for our share of Iraq and Afghanistan war costs, including $205.8 million in 2012 alone; and,

Whereas, Minneapolis has struggled to maintain core services like public safety and infrastructure despite drastic cuts to Local Government Aid from the State of Minnesota and to Community Development Block Grants by the federal government; and,

Whereas, from 2008 through 2011, the State of Minnesota certified that Minneapolis would receive more than $70 million more in Local Government Aid than the State actually provided, resulting in painful service cuts and property taxes hikes; and,

Whereas, the City of Minneapolis has experienced a cut of over 30% in the federal government’s Community Development Block Grants funding since 2002, from $16.8 million to $10.7 million annually; and,

Whereas, in addition to these costly wars, Minnesota taxpayers are spending more than $16 billion in 2012 for our share of the base Pentagon budget, a budget that increased from $290.5 billion to $526 billion between 2000 and 2011; and,

Whereas, in 2012 59 cents of every dollar of federal discretionary spending is funding military purposes; and,

Whereas, the budget for veterans is separate from the military budget we seek to cut, and our nation has a responsibility to provide veterans with quality medical care and other support, including opportunities for meaningful jobs; and,

Whereas, our nation desperately needs to better balance its approach to national security to include the economic, social, and environmental needs of our communities, state, and nation;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the City Council of the City of Minneapolis,
That the City of Minneapolis calls on the Minnesota Congressional Delegation to support shifting federal funding priorities from military operations to meeting the essential needs of our local communities.

MN ASAP wants to thank our growing list of endorsers! Thank you to:
Saint Paul City Council (Unanimous)
Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers: (Minneapolis, MN)
St. Frances Cabrini Parish Council (Minneapolis, MN)
United Church of Christ in New Brighton Social Justice and Outreach Committee (New Brighton, MN)
Community of Saint Martin: (Minneapolis, MN)
Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light
Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, MN Metro Branch
MN Branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Minnesota Fellowship of Reconciliation
Joint Franciscan-Benedictine Justice Committee: (Minneapolis, MN)
Witness for Peace: Minnesota
Peace and Social Justice Writers Group: (Minneapolis, MN)
Occupy Saint Paul
Grandmothers for Peace: (Minneapolis, MN)
Every Church a Peace Church: (Minneapolis, MN)
Listening House of St. Paul
Macalester Plymouth United Church PeaceMakers: (Saint Paul, MN)
Rochester Mennonite Church: (Rochester, MN)
Minnesota Peace Action Coalition: (Minneapolis, MN)
Alliance for Sustainability: (Minneapolis, MN)
WHealthy Human Village: (Minneapoli, MN)
Minnesota Break the Bonds: (Minnesota)
Minneapolis Friends Meeting (Quakers): (Minneapolis, MN)
Military Families Speak Out, Minnesota. (Minneapolis, MN)
Saint Paul Area Move to Amend: End Corporate Personhood. (Saint Paul, MN)
Minneapolis Area Move to Amend: End Corporate Personhood. (Minneapolis, MN)
Pilgrim Lutheran Church: (Saint Paul, MN)
Haiti Justice Committee, MN: (Minneapolis, MN)
Merriam Park Neighbors for Peace: (Saint Paul, MN)
Interfaith Peacemakers of Edina: (Edina, MN)
Twin Cities Peace Campaign: (Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN)
Citizens for Global Solutions (Board): (Minnesota Chapter)
Foundation for Global Community: (Minneapolis, MN)
Alternatives to War: (Saint Cloud, MN)
South East MN Alliance of Peacemakers (SEMNAP): (Rochester, MN)
Rochester,MN Friends (Quaker) Meeting: (Rochester, MN)
People of Faith Peacemakers: (Circle Pines, MN)
Friends of a Nonviolent World: (Minneapolis, MN)
Alliant Action: (Minneapolis, MN)
Democracy Matters: (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
U Students Like Good Food: (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation (AFL-CIO): (Saint Paul, MN)
Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project: (Minneapolis, MN)
Ward 12, Precinct 3 (DFL Caucus, Feb. 2012): Minneapolis, MN
Precinct 15 (Caucus, Feb. 2012): Eagan, MN
Precinct 7, District 15: Maplewood, MN
Precinct 16, District 44 (DFL Caucus, Feb. 2012): (Saint Louis Park, MN)
Ward 2, Precinct 2, Senate District 6 (Precinct Caucus, Feb. 2012): Minneapolis, MN
"Super Caucus" Rural, SE MN, Feb. 2012
Ward 5, Precinct 1, SD66: (Saint Paul, MN)
Minneapolis Area and Saint Paul Area Synod Peace with Justice Committee of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Saint Joan of Arc Church: (Minneapolis, MN)
Faith Mennonite Church: (Minneapolis, MN)
St. Luke Presbyterian Session: (Wayzata, MN)
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27: (Minneapolis, MN)
Church Council of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church: (Minneapolis, MN)
Holy Trinity Peace and Justice Committee (Minneapolis, MN)
Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer (Minneapolis, MN)
211 members of the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church (Minneapolis, MN)
Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), (Minneapolis, MN)
Minnesota Peace Project (Leadership Team), St. Paul, MN
Chisago County DFL
Senate District 17 unit of the DFL
DFL Progressive Caucus
Ward 15 Precinct Caucus (DFL, Feb. 2012): Duluth, MN
Duluth Area Move to Amend: End Corporate Personhood. (Duluth, MN).
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 80: (Duluth,MN & Iron Range)
Peace United Church of Christ Coordinating Council & Just Peace Committee: (Duluth, MN)
Minnesota Citizens Federation, North East: (Duluth, MN)
MN Health Care Coalition (MN Statewide Organization)
Northland Anti-War Coalition: (Duluth, MN)
Loaves and Fishes: (Duluth, MN)
Community Action Duluth: (Duluth, MN)
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth: (Duluth, MN)
Duluth DFL Convention: (Duluth, MN)
Duluth / Superior Religious Society of Friends: (Duluth, MN
College of St. Scholastica Center for Just Living: (Duluth, MN)
College of St Scholastica Campus Ministry: (Duluth, MN)
College of St Scholastica Earth Action: (Duluth, MN)
Twin Ports SOA Watch: (Duluth, MN)
UMD Students for Peace: (Duluth, MN)
Grandmothers for Peace - Northland Chapter: (Duluth, MN)
Occupy Duluth
Occupy Little Falls: (Little Falls, MN)
Corporation Committee, Itasca Co DFL Progressive Caucus: (Grand Rapids, MN)
Minnesota Libertarian Party (Therefore clause endorsement)

Community Leader Endorsements
Saint Paul City Council Member Amy Brendmoen
Minneapolis City Council Member Gary Schiff
Minneapolis City Council Member Kevin Reich
Minneapolis City Council Member, Cam Gordon
Minneapolis City Council Member, John Quincy
Minneapolis City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden
Minneapolis City Council Member Robert Lilligren
Executive Director of High Road for Human Rights, Mayor of Salt Lake City Utah (2000-2008), and Justice Party Presidential Candidate, Rocky Anderson
Betsy Tate Anderson, Hopkins School Board Member
Rick Nolan, Former US House Member / Candidate for the MN 8th Congressional District (2012).
Frank Moe, Environmental Activist / Former MN State Rep.
Rep. Bill Hilty, MN House District 08A
Daniel Hartman, Duluth City Council President
Sharla Gardner, Duluth City Council
Frank Jewell, Saint Louis County Commissioner, First District
Steve O’ Neil, Saint Louis County Commissioner, Second District
Joel Sipress, Duluth DFL Executive Board
Daniel Fanning, Community Leader.
Jim Northrup, Anishinaabe Author and Vietnam War Vet.
Mounds View City Council Member Al Hull
Mounds View City Council Member Sherry Gunn
Mounds View City Council Member Carol Mueller
Mounds View City Council Member Roger Stigney
Mounds View City Council Mayor Joe Flaherty