Republicans are now attacking Romney by asking: Why would we vote for someone just like Obama?
I have wondered the same thing myself ever since Obama announced he was seeking election.

Only I asked the question a little differently.

I asked my fellow liberals, progressives and leftists: Why would we vote for Obama; he is no different from Romney?

And now Romney and Obama attack each other.

Obama calls himself a defender of “venture capitalism” while attacking Romney as a “vulture capitalist” and some of Romney’s own Republicans have seized on criticizing Romney as a “vulture capitalist.”

Romney himself is insulted being called a “vulture capitalist” and refers to himself as a “venture capitalist.”

In fact, “venture capitalists” are “vulture capitalists;” and, “vulture capitalists” are “venture capitalists.”

Proving once again there is no difference between Obama and Romney.

And in the meantime, Wall Street becomes uneasy that capitalism is being talked about at all because all this talk about capitalism makes people begin to question the legitimacy of a system that has functioned so well; functioned so well creating wealth for the greedy few as so many people are forced to suffer.

I can’t help but wonder why working people and all the victims of capitalism— including the racially and nationally oppressed and women— haven’t been quick to join in this discussion about capitalism which is now in its most savage, barbaric, cannibalistic imperialist stage?

Why have the unions been so hesitant to join in this discussion?

We are living in the “twilight of world capitalism” as this imperialist stage of capitalism was described by the great working class leader William Z. Foster, while the official voice of Wall Street, Alan Greenspan, refers to our times as being “the age of turbulence.

“Venture capitalist” or “vulture capitalist;” what we are talking about are a bunch of greedy Wall Street coupon clipping parasites for whom the capitalist system works very well at the expense of most of us suffering.

How is Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s Wall Street war economy of venture/vulture capitalism working for you?

“Venture” or “vulture” capitalism— capitalism doesn’t work for most of us so why aren’t we discussing its replacement with a system that will work for everyone? Instead of this dog-eat-dog capitalist system we need a cooperative social and economic system, socialism?

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, was called a “Communist” for advocating “New Deal” reforms “straight out of ‘The Communist Manifesto’,” Perkins looked her attackers straight in the eyes and politely responded: “I would rather see programs helping people instead of remaining mere words on the pages of an old pamphlet.”

Today, we should have the same courage demonstrated by Madame Secretary Frances Perkins as we working people join this discussion and debate about capitalism.

Romney says, “It is capitalism and freedom that make us strong.”

Obama argues in response, “It is freedom and capitalism that make us strong.”

Can someone explain to me where we find the “lesser evil” between Obama and Romney?

They both admit to supporting a very evil— and collapsing— capitalist economic system in its twilight stage of imperialism that is giving us war after war while breeding racism, unemployment and poverty as quickly as maggots in the bottom of a filthy garbage can multiply.

Romney “worked” for Bain Capital. Bain Capital works for Obama.

I wonder why, since corporations are now persons, why Bain Capital just doesn’t run for president in 2012?