A program for real change...


What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

"Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens"

- Ben Franklin

Friday, October 17, 2014

U.S. Destroys $500M Planes, Sells for 6 Cent Scrap


The United States purchased a bunch of planes for the Afghan Air Force.

They purchased the planes from Italy...

for $485 million dollars and the planes didn't work so the U.S. Defense Department sold them for scrap and got $32 thousand dollars.

Who paid for this?

Who made big profits?

U.S. Destroys $500M Planes, Sells for 6 Cent Scrap

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Will voting for Democrats bring the change we need?

All kinds of Democratic Party front groups are sending out e-mails like this in the name of "fighting back."

But are "blame the Republican" statements like this really true?

"Need more motivation?  There is important legislation waiting to be passed on behalf of youth and students.  Republicans have been holding these bills hostage.

* In response to Ferguson and mass unemployment among African American youth, Sen Bernie Standers is introducing a bill to provide $5.5 billion to states and municipalities to employ one million youth ages 16 to 24.

* Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act cuts interest rates on student loans.  It was two votes short of stopping the Republican filibuster.

* Sens Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy are leading support to restore the fundamental protections of the Voting Rights Act and oppose voter ID and other laws that limit turnout of youth, African American, Latino, Native American and Asian Pacific voters."

If there was a solid Democratic House and Senate with Obama as President without any Republican opposition at all, would any of this proposed legislation pass?

The answer is obvious: NO.

This is another old election eve gimmick the Democrats have been using for over 70 years... bring forward legislation at a time to make it appear the Republicans are the only road-block to progress when they know full well Democratic Party super-majorities would not even pass the legislation because Wall Street controls them just like they control the Republicans.

Same old shit; different day.

All these organizations fronting for the Democrats with millions of dollars in resources and tremendous organizational strength in numbers have had plenty of time to build up united, militant rank-and-file and grassroots movements capable of forcing the Democrats to pass this legislation and they haven't lifted a finger to do this and now they call on us to use our precious votes to keep--- and put more--- of these worthless Democrats in office who they know full well would never pass such legislation.

We will never get people centered legislation in this country until we have a working class based progressive people's party for peace, social and economic justice bringing forward real solutions to our problems with the stated goal and objective of challenging Wall Street for political and economic power.

In other words, we need a massive anti-monopoly coalition uniting the American people against Wall Street's thoroughly reactionary agenda of dirty imperialist wars abroad paid for with austerity measures shoved down our throats here at home and a working class based progressive people's party capable of electing politicians who can be relied on to bring forward legislation in line with what the American people need and want--- jobs at real living wages not wars.

We need a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity;" is there anyone who believes Democrats will deliver?

Tribal government needs investigation and reform

Grand Forks Herald publishes Letter to the Editor by Curtis Buckanaga. Please read and circulate:


LETTER: Tribal government needs investigation and reform
By Curtis Buckanaga from Bemidji Today

Leech Lake is a $200 million-a-year corporation funded by taxpayers to provide services to uplift and empower its underserved and socio-economically challenged band members, who are historically disenfranchised.

Our tribal government operates under the Indian Reorganization Act, which Congress enacted in 1934 in hopes of encouraging tribes to become more self-determined -- even though our traditional governmental practices already had been proven effective.

Eighty years later, we learn that this is a detriment to many Native Nations, including Leech Lake.

For under this form of governance, there are no checks and balances to maintain order, accountability and transparency against the tribal council, whose members are the handlers of the annual $200 million revenue stream.

Across America, efforts are taking place to reform tribes out of Indian Reorganization Act standards. Most are being spearheaded by indigenous academic organizations, which research best practices to help tribes transition to culturally matched governments that let tribes reach their full potential.

At Leech Lake, those efforts have been discouraged and sabotaged by tribal officials, who mishandle taxpayer dollars to maintain dysfunction. These officials work with state and federal officials to create this dysfunction against the tribal members, who are misrepresented because most of the time, only 10 percent or fewer of tribal members vote in tribal elections.

As taxpayers, we are funding these ineffective tribal officials, who are not only abusing resources allocated to them by the federal government, but also oppressing the tribal members.

Yes, we have casinos to help us be less reliant on federal dollars, but the casino revenue is mishandled at the council’s discretion.

I am a citizen of Leech Lake as well as the United States. As taxpayers, don’t we deserve accountability from these individuals to whom we hand our money? Shouldn’t we call for the Indian Reorganization Act to be repealed to encourage reform and prevent the abuse of tribal people and their tax dollars?

Shouldn’t we demand an annual audit and report?

I’m not trying to open the door for bigoted criticism. I’m trying to raise some valid points about wasteful and wrongful spending of taxpayers’ money.

Curtis Buckanaga


Buckanaga is a former executive assistant for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Economic Recovery

With all the talk about "economic recovery" being an unemployment rate of around 6%, have you ever noticed no attempt is being made to ask unemployed people how they feel about being one of the "normal" unemployed people who are part of what politicians and "economists" are willing to accept as "normal unemployment" of around 6%?

And have you ever noticed no attempt is made to ask unemployed people who are unemployed yet not counted because of government requirements for statistics as unemployed how they feel about that?

Is the economy in a stage of "recovery" for people who remain unemployed?

Is the economy in a "recovery" for working class families trapped in a "cost-of-living crisis" unable to make ends meet?

Have you noticed politicians, pundits and these so-called economists never so much as mention this "cost-of-living crisis" all working class families are experiencing?

What we need to be asking is: "Economic Recovery" for who?

Let's not let any politician off the hook without addressing fully and honestly unemployment and the "cost-of-living crisis" both spun by reactionary Wall Street interests aimed at boosting profits by hurting working class families.

Isn't the right to address economic issues in an honest way part of a democratic electoral process?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nothing but a bunch of morons running this country and industry at every level...

You know, the complete stupidity and arrogance of these Democratic Party hacks never fails to amaze me.

A few minutes ago I got a call from a Democratic Party hack in Roseau County who told me that "you should thank the Democrats for the Roseau Electric Co-Op and the network of rural electric cooperatives in rural Minnesota."

The fact is, these so-called cooperatives are nothing but bill collectors for the fossil fuel industry.
Anyone can read the musings of these morons and idiots they have managing these "cooperatives" to see this.

Just read the stupid things this moron, Tracy Stoll, managing the Roseau Electric Co-Op writes questioning the science involved with global warming and climate change.

Tracy Stoll made sure the members of the Roseau Electric Cooperative continue to get big fat bills compliments of the coal industry because he refuses to negotiate a long-term deal with Manitoba Hydro which creates its electricity through green, clean hydro cheaper than of the cost of coal.

Yes; thank a Democrat for your sky high and rapidly increasing electric bills because overpaid morons like Tracy Stoll peddle the corporate lies challenging global warming/climate change for the fossil fuel industry.

Tracy Stoll even lobbied Minnesota legislators "on our behalf" to penalize people who install their own solar and wind generators... could Republicans do us any worse?

As a Nation we are almost all "fed up."

Are you "fed up?"


The MainStreamMedia doesn't want to hear from working people why we are "fed up." Instead, the MainStreamMedia continues to push a heavy dose from the right-wing Wall Street agenda as if it offers solutions to the reasons people are "fed up."

The left needs to push its ideas into the public square so people can fully explore their alternatives.
We can do this through "letters to the editor," leafleting and tabling, demonstrations and informational picketing.

Notice how the MainStreamMedia continues to completely ignore the fact all working class families are caught up in a cost-of-living crisis... this is done to take the sharp class edge off from American's dissatisfaction with the wrong direction the country is headed.

The MainStreamMedia loves to keep hitting at the fact "government spending is out of control" yet government spending on militarism and wars seldom is a topic for discussion and debate even though there is no more wasteful government spending than spending on this insanity.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Was the socialist Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party a "flop" as some on the left are claiming?

Since I and a few others have sought to expand discussion about the history of the socialist Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party in order that people learn from this experience, a number of people on the "left" have begun an attack--- claiming the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party was a "flop."
I would like to take the opportunity to dispute this view.
The socialist Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party was not a "flop." In fact, it was so successful that big-business ganged up on it and the government orchestrated the most massive campaign of repression against it as the fascist Dies Committee (a forerunner to Joe McCarthy's the House Un-American Activities Committee) set out to destroy it beginning in 1938 and it was the target of a massive anti-Communist, racist and anti-Semitic campaign launched by Harold Stassen.
I would encourage everyone to take the time to read these two articles.
One by Elmer Benson and one his obituary.
I find it interesting so many people will comment about things without doing any research or reading.
The merger was the final method used to destroy the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party after massive government repression, slander, etc; the final method used to try to destroy the ideas embodied by the Farmer-Labor Party and to rid the merged Democrat and Farmer-Labor parties was the Communist Control Act authored by Hubert H. Humphrey who worked in league with Joe McCarthy.
And this:
"Benson also said he never forgave himself for agreeing to the 1944 merger of the Farmer-Labor and Democratic parties into the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, the dominant force in Minnesota politics since then.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked for the merger and Humphrey helped bring it about.
"I think it was a mistake because the party became part of a larger party that's been taken over by political hacks," Benson said.
Benson split with Humphrey by backing Henry A. Wallace as the Progressive candidate for President in 1948. However, it was Humphrey's support of the Vietnam War that most upset Benson.
"Humphrey was a war criminal," he said. "He was the chief ballyhoo artist for the war. I remember him saying, 'This is America's greatest moment and I'm sure glad to be part of it.' "
For over two-decades the socialist Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party played a very important role, not only in Minnesota but nationally. Electing two socialist governors, members of Congress, the majority in the State House and a near majority in the State Senate along with thousands of members elected to township boards, county commissions, park boards and school boards.
Hardly what anyone could call a "flop."
Anyone who makes such an absurd claim has obviously not been targeted themselves by government political repression.
The Farmer-Labor Party was led by Socialists and Communists working together for the common good of workers and all who toiled for a living.
The present Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party working together with the local, state and FBI "Red Squads" still does all it can do to keep those like myself with Farmer-Labor ideas from being heard in the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party.
Sometimes I think those who continually bad-mouth the history and efforts of the socialist Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party are themselves fearful of becoming victims of right-wing and government repression.
The Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party is probably the best kept secret in this country--- and not because it was a "flop" but because it was so successful... Wall Street hated it and it still does.
That such a successful challenge to big-business was mounted and it doesn't even merit mention in most history books should be enough to peek everyone's interest in finding out more.
There is much to learn from its mistakes, of which the merger with the corrupt Democratic Party was its major mistake; but those who refuse to learn from its successes will most likely be unable to be part of a movement challenging Wall Street for political and economic power.
That anyone would buy into this "flop" crap peddled by anyone and everyone who wants to maintain capitalism is disgraceful. At least take the time to read the real history of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party.
By the way; I bring forward Elmer Benson because he was probably the most honest politician of the 20th Century here in the United States and he is honestly self-critical of his role in the demise of the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party.To find such an honest politician as Elmer Benson in our present times one would have to look at the political career of Howard Pawley who led the socialist New Democratic Party in Manitoba, Canada. Pawley's book, "Keep True," about his life in politics is a real precious jewel for left political activists and working people... get it, read it, pass it along to family and friends.
i understand there are those on the "left" who don't like or support the concept of building an anti-monopoly people's front which includes a mass organization that is anti-imperialist with a complimentary political party capable of challenging Wall Street for political and economic power; but, because one disagrees with this political point of view is no reason to peddle these lies about the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party being a "flop."
If we had local, statewide and national efforts today just a fraction as successful as was the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party in defending the interests of working class families with the stated goal and objective of challenging Wall Street for political AND economic power we would be in very good shape and well on our way to a better future free from these dirty imperialist wars, free from the scourges of racism and poverty where workers are the determining part of the decision-making process in a real democracy.Let us set the record straight: The Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party not only got its people's politicians elected--- those politicians used the levers of government at every level to work for better lives and working conditions for working people and all who toiled for a living; from the north woods to the farms and the industrial centers.
Just setting the record straight.
I challenge anyone to refute the views I have brought forward.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Working class families are trapped in a Wall Street "SNAFU."

I sent this "Letter to the Editor" to the Minneapolis Star Tribune in response to an article they published:

The headline in Nation+World read: Recession lingers in wages (Star Tribune, Sept. 9, 2014 page D3).

These low wages amid rising prices on everything from groceries to gas to home heating fuels and electric bills to health, car and home insurance and college tuitions result in a cost-of-living crisis for every working class family.

The government is enforcing poverty by failing to establish state and federal Minimum Wage laws in line with actual cost-of-living factors.

Poverty wages combined with this incessant senseless squandering of our Nation's wealth on militarism and wars which fuels inflation along with monopoly price fixing is destroying the livelihoods of working class families.

But this is what we get when we allow Wall Street to have a monopoly on political and economic power.

How else can one explain why it is that we have a government that can enforce poverty wages but can't stop the robbery at the gas pumps and rising prices at the grocery store?

All of this contributes to this cost-of-living crisis; this is why a "Recession lingers in wages."

We are trapped in a Wall Street SNAFU.

Alan L. Maki

Definition of "SNAFU:"


Situation Normal, All Fucked Up

Link to article:

Note: The Minneapolis Star Tribune only published a digested version of this Associated Press article. Why?

And why doesn't the Minneapolis Star Tribune interview workers, the victims of poverty wages?

Is not losing one's job a "pay cut?"

5 years after Great Recession ended, stagnant pay remains economy's weakest link

Associated Press Updated:
September 8, 2014 - 8:15 PM

WASHINGTON — The U.S. job market has steadily improved by pretty much every gauge except the one Americans probably care about most: Pay.

The unemployment rate has sunk to a nearly normal 6.1 percent. Employers have added a robust 2.5 million jobs the past 12 months. Layoffs have tumbled.

Yet most people are still waiting for a decent raise. Friday's August jobs report confirmed that average hourly pay has crept up only about 2 percent a year since the recession ended five years ago — barely above inflation and far below the gains in most recoveries.

Just why pay has been so weak and when it might strengthen are key issues for the Federal Reserve in deciding when to raise interest rates.

The trend has mystified analysts.

"This is the primary economic and policy puzzle facing policymakers right now: Why have wages remained so low in the face of an improving economy?" said Joe Brusuelas, chief economist at McGladrey, a tax and accounting firm.

Some economists expect pay to pick up eventually as the job market keeps improving. They think wages have lagged because millions of people are still out of work — many of whom aren't counted in the unemployment rate because they're no longer looking for a job.

But others say they fear that pay has stagnated because of trends that will persist even after the economy has moved closer to full health.

They note that companies have been making more use of temporary and part-time workers, usually at lower pay, to replace full-time permanent jobs. And newer technologies have enabled businesses to produce more with fewer employees.

A survey of Harvard Business School graduates released Monday lends weight to that notion. Nearly half the respondents said they'd rather invest in technology than in workers. Just over 40 percent expect wages and benefits to decline over the next three years.

Economists are flummoxed by the way the historical relationship between pay and unemployment has eroded since the recession ended. Based on historical trends, the steady drop in unemployment should have raised inflation-adjusted wages by 3.6 percent by June, according to researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. That's because employers have had to fill jobs from a smaller pool of unemployed people — a trend that normally forces them to pay more.

Instead, overall inflation-adjusted wages have essentially flattened since 2009.

That said, workers in some industries have fared better. For those in a category that includes data processing and analytics, as well as broadcasting, film and publishing, hourly wages have surged 4.6 percent in the past year. And pay is up at least 3 percent for financial services workers and wholesalers.

By contrast, wages are up just 1.3 percent for employees in education and health care.

So why has overall wage growth been so weak? Economists point to several factors.

The biggest is that there are still too many people desperate for work than is typical for a healthy economy. That makes it easier for employers to fill jobs without raising pay.

There are 227,000 fewer people with jobs than in November 2007, just before the recession began. Yet the working-age population is up 15.3 million since then. That's kept the number of unemployed elevated: 9.6 million Americans, up from 7.6 million when the recession began.

But it's not just unemployment that's holding down wages. The many part-timers who would prefer full-time work are also competing with those who are out of work. There are 7.2 million involuntary part-timers, up from just 4.6 million in late 2007.

Half the economists surveyed by The Associated Press last month cited the high number of people without full-time jobs as the main reason wage growth has been weak.

The Chicago Fed estimates that if all measures of unemployment, including involuntary part-timers, had returned to pre-recession levels, paychecks after inflation would now be rising up to 1 percentage point faster.

Given these trends, people who do have jobs have less leverage to demand higher pay. Sixteen percent of working Americans say their pay hasn't budged in the past year, up from 11 percent before the recession, according to research by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

In a healthier economy, more people would seek higher pay elsewhere and quit their jobs once they found it. But the number who quit their jobs tumbled during the recession and has only partly recovered.

In addition, fewer startup companies are being created, holding back hiring. In the final quarter of 2013, new companies created just 1.3 million jobs, down from an average of 1.75 million in the 1990s, according to government data.

Fewer startups and fewer quits have reduced what's called job-market "churn." Economists liken churn to musical chairs: When people quit or new jobs are created by startups, more positions open for the unemployed or for workers seeking higher pay.

But churn has declined by up to one-third since the early 1990s, according to research by economists Steven Davis and John Haltiwanger.

Typically, wages also rise in line with increased productivity. Productivity measures output per hour of work, and higher productivity enables companies to pay more without sparking inflation. Yet productivity has been unusually sluggish the past three years.

Some economists are surprised that the recession didn't weaken Americans' pay even more than it did. So deep was the recession that many analysts assumed companies would reduce not only jobs but also wages.

The lack of pay cuts during the recession may help explain meager raises now. Having paid more than they typically would during the downturn, companies may now try to make up for lost ground by holding off on raises longer than usual.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The warmonger has spoken...

Off to war we go--- again.

No improvement in wages

The "Cost of Living Crisis" every single working class family is experiencing stems from poverty wages and continued massive unemployment amidst rising prices due mainly to monopoly price-fixing and inflation spurred on by militarism and these dirty imperialist wars with many decades long attacks by Wall Street on the livelihoods of the working class.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Now it's "outside agitators."

Capitalism requires racism and corruption. Police departments across this country are breeding grounds for racism. I don't think there is any other public agency or private organization that breeds and seethes racism like these police departments--- from one end of the country to the other the police departments are all the same. Hate organizations like the KKK and John Birch Society recruit from within the police departments.

Look what happens when a racist cop murders a young black kid... all the cops, the media, the politicians try to make the cop look like the victim.

Every time police departments are accused of being racists they act like they are being victimized.

Then when public anger against this police racism grows to the point where it can't be ignored the U.S. Department of Justice steps in and says they will provide the police with sensitivity and diversity training when the solution is to fire, arrest and jail these racist cops.

Now Obama comes along and feigns ignorance as if he was not aware these police departments full of racists and fascists have been militarized just like any common ordinary army only instead of carrying out Wall Street's wars abroad they are carrying out a war on the American people.

We are dangerously on the road to fascism and racism is an integral part of all of this.

None of this "just happened." This has all been done with intent, a great deal of thought and especially a whole lot of financing. An entire system of racist and anti-working class oppression and repression has been put in place.

All these die-hard Obama supporters and Democrats want the American people to continue to look on in indifference.

The people of Ferguson, Missouri are establishing the kind of fightback model that needs to be undertaken all over this country.

At one time we had powerful anti-racist, anti-repression movements all across this country which understood how to wage court battles that were carried over into the streets.

How pathetic that we have "leaders" of organizations like the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression backing Obama when they should be mobilizing people in opposition to Obama and his support for these racist police departments. This isn't a problem of racist and anti-democratic police departments just here or there... this is a national problem that has been nurtured and financed in a way with the support from the politicians that these racist and brutal cops think they can get away with their dirty deeds--- including outright cold-blooded murder.

One only needs to read the Red Squad files being maintained by the FBI, state and local police over many decades to understand that racism is part of the fascist agenda of these police departments.

There isn't just a "whiff of fascism" emanating from these police departments--- there are outright fascists in control at every level inside of police departments all over this country. We are talking about cops that could easily become just like the Nazi gestapo... this is no exaggeration. Anyone who doesn't believe this has never had an encounter with this fascist apparatus that has been functioning under the guise of "serving and protecting" decked out in blue uniforms until they are told to dress up in their riot gear whether or not there are riots. We saw hundreds of these fascist bastards decked out in their riot gear here in Minnesota during the Republican National Convention even though the only ones advocating riots were a bunch of FBI informants.

I was marching next to Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and his wife blurted out to the Mayor in fright--- "My god; what kind of monsters have you brought here."

"Monsters;" this is just what these racist, fascist bastards are--- "Monsters."

Now these politicians want us to believe the people of Ferguson, Missouri are being
"led afoul of the law" by "outside agitators." Since when are people coming together in solidarity against racism and repression "outside agitators?"

It is sheer racism and a display of fascist arrogance combined with the brutal and barbaric murder by the police still backed by these worthless corrupt politicians without any morals or ethics and taunted on by the media every single step of the way which has "agitated" the people of Ferguson and this entire Nation.

Decent minded people find it unbelievable this cop hasn't been arrested for murder.

Decent minded people loathe the fact that CNN played only a small portion of a video claiming it was a video of Michael Brown carrying out a strong-armed robbery when had the entire video been played anyone could have seen for themselves no robbery had taken place. And they played this carefully edited video over and over and over again... all day and all night long. One more lie in a long string of lies we are subjected to on a daily basis. If it isn't a lie to get us into another war its a goddamn lie to cover-up the cold-blooded racist murder of a young black kid who did nothing wrong except maybe have the courage to "lip-off" to an arrogant racist cop. Everyone is supposed to bend and bow to these fascist bastards.

Anything goes to protect a cold-blooded murderer decked out in blue and to these ends the police have put on the black boots and black gloves fascists the world over are noted for.

The entire situation is sickening and morally repugnant.

Again... we are dealing with "monsters."

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A casino patron lets a few pieces of under-cooked bacon ready to oink skew his thinking on employment issues.

The Palace is a dive. Jesus, not only is the building trashed and completely unplanned but half of the staff are horrible and miserable. Half a dozen fifteen year old security guards talking about tits in the main doors. A dozen wait staff and one cook on break in the restaurant. The snack bar cashier didn't say a single word gave us a dirty look for disturbing her with her head on the edge of the employee buffet haha. Check out the bacon. Any lighter and it would oink.
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  • 6 people like this.

  • Beverly Jordan I wouldnt have eaten it !
  • Patrice Jones Yah I am stunned how the place is, I seldom go there anymore. Sucks when its so close but I'm sure it saves me money. That bacon tho, ewww.
  • Kenn Mitchell and the price of their food at the red cedar grill is outragous.
  • Delmar Jones III We didn't eat the bacon. If we clumped it back together we could have revived it haha. It's just sad. Don't even get me started on bingo.
  • John Herrera Smells like musty smoke hardly ever go there.
  • Delmar Jones III When I was 18 I worked security for the summer at the palace before college. The gift shop was right in the front, that old round thing Archie kicked when they robbed the palace. They had, bingo, blackjack, poker, a functioning restaurant, the hotel didn't have bulletproof glass at the front desk. They had more than six keno machines, they had nickel machines now only pennies. The machines paid coins and I could slip into a bathroom and sit on the bowl and smoke a cigarette in peace. Now the toilets don't work, the floors are sticky and stained yellow, the lights are burnt out and every sink has nothing but burn marks on it. People carrying out one gallon milk jugs full of pepsi. It is terrible.
  • Patrice Jones Bob Larson would be stunned that the palace looks like this.
  • Delmar Jones III He would vomit. He would walk in the front door, take ten steps and throw up all over the floor and rightfully so. They should take half the salary from a Michaud and hire him back at twice his original salary.
  • Alan Maki Casino workers should be paid real living wages and provided with decent benefits. The way in which the bacon is cooked is the least of the problems... to begin with, the meat used isn't even subjected to federal inspection which should be of greater concern from a health standpoint.

    What companies are supplying the meats for Leech Lake's three casinos?

    Why don't the tribes form a co-op to raise and process meats?
  • Delmar Jones III With the service and attitude of about half of the employees at the Palace I wouldn't pay them a nickel. Most gaming employees have better benefits than real world workers, more time off accumulation, overtime opportunities, steady work, cheap health insurance, everything. That is why 90% of the janitors and security guys are the big casino NLC are chimooks just smiling as they slowly walk around making $14 bucks an hour plus social security.
  • Alan Maki Other than management, from pay checks I see, I don't see any $14.00 an hour jobs. Plus, workers routinely get sent home for "lack of work" which makes many of the jobs nothing but part-time jobs.

    As far as security guards, what is it you expect them
    to do if not walk around "doing nothing?" Whether casino cop or tribal cop or any other kind of cop what do these workers do most of the time except demonstrate a presence in order to deter crime? So they are doing their jobs.

    Management could easily prove me wrong by producing what it pays for each and every job.

    Working in a loud, noisy, smoke-filled casino isn't exactly what anyone would call a "health benefit." And, as you know, Leech Lake has a policy that demands any employee developing a prolonged cough be fired.

    How many casino workers do you see sitting down, Delmar? Just having to stand up on a job day in and day out takes a toll on the human body.

    Maybe Leech Lake shouldn't be in the gaming business if the health and welfare of its employees is too much of a burden on the tribe?

    As for the "chimooks" hired by the casino management, why isn't the Indian first employment policy strictly enforced? With all the unemployment and poverty on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation it would seem to me every single employee of Leech Lake's gaming industry would, and should, be Native American--- from top management down to the casino floor. Why isn't this the case, Delmar?

    And what about other job opportunities that should be forthcoming but aren't because T.E.R.O. isn't being effectively applied and enforced?

    And what about Native American craft persons whose work should be on sale in the casino gift shops instead of fake "Native American" crafts manufactured by cheap labor over seas?

    And, tell us WHO owns the slot machines and table games and WHO profits from the interest being paid on the never-ending huge loans to build and then expand these casino operations?

    But, you still haven't answered the questions of:

    Who supplies (and profits from) the meats?

    And why these meats are not government inspected?

    You are worried about wages and foods not properly prepared to your liking when you might want to consider all the other problems.

    You have raised the issue of "At-Will Employment" in the past but you seem to have stopped being concerned about this issue which is one of the primary problems facing casino workers, all tribal employees and all other workers in Minnesota and the rest of the country.

    How many good cooks have been fired from their jobs with Leech Lake gaming simply because these casino management or tribal politicians wanted them gone?

    Don't let a few pieces of undercooked bacon skew your thinking on employment issues.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FaceBook has been censoring my comments about the Israeli killing machine for over a week now... this post was removed within seconds of being posted tonight.

The real "shift" should be in challenging Wall Street for political and economic power.

To suggest that the "shift" should be from electoral politics to BDS is counter-productive and leaves the Democrats free to support the Israeli killing machine. BDS should be part of an electoral strategy challenging Wall Street for political and economic power and this means not supporting these Dumb Donkeys.

Democratic Party politicians would just love it if we moved from electoral politics into a movement focused solely on BDS but still support them because the Republicans are so bad.

Part of the BDS movement should be withholding votes from any politician supporting the Israeli killing machine.

Supporters of the Israeli killing machine would like to bully and browbeat us into silence in a way that makes our movement ineffective in electoral politics because they understand that once people begin to think about this issue in terms of what they can do they will come to the conclusion that these politicians should not be supported.

Obviously supporting Israel and supporting the Israeli killing machine with policies intended to annihilate the Palestinian people are two different things and this is why the big-business MainStream Media is loath to report on Israelis who have taken to the streets to protest the Israeli pogrom being carried out in Gaza.

The real future of Israel lies with Israelis and Palestinians who understand the two peoples have to live in peace.

Many of the Israelis who have been demonstrating against the Israeli killing machine are working class families of Jews and Palestinians who have married.

Like all over the rest of the world, it is the imperialists who foment racial, ethnic and religious hatreds and this needs to be understood and rejected.

A big part of this rejection is refusing to vote for any politician giving support (and our tax dollars) to the Israeli killing machine.

Just as Wall Street's Military-Industrial Complex stands in stark contrast to everything that is decent about the American people--- most of whom detest these dirty wars, the same goes for the Israeli killing machine--- it neither represents the best of the Israeli people nor what is decent.

Any politician who is halfway decent should be able to reject supporting the Israeli killing machine which no more is supported by the Israeli people than the support given by the American people for the Military-Industrial Complex and all these dirty wars.

That any of these wars and bloodshed continues makes a mockery of democracy since most people are for peace and for living in harmony with one another no matter their national, racial, ethnic or religious differences.

How any politician, or anyone else for that matter, can support the Israeli killing machine and then call themselves--- or be called by others--- liberal, progressive or left defies all logic and reasoning.

How much longer will working people tolerate middle class intellectuals perpetrating and perpetuating the myth of a "Middle Class America?"

Mr. Dane Smith of Growth and Justice and Minnesota State Representative David Bly;

I have listened to the interview, read ALL the links provided in this e-mail.

Quite frankly, you are basing your premises on sheer myth.

The myth being that the United States ever had this huge "middle class." There has never been a bigger big lie fabricated... not even the myth that the United States is the world's greatest bastion of democracy is a bigger big lie.

Not once do either of you confront the problem of class which is at the very root of the capitalist inequality.

Not once do either of you confront the issue of militarism and wars which are squandering the wealth of our Nation which has been created by the working class; wealth which should be earmarked for national universal social programs that would create tens of millions of decent, good-paying real living wage jobs providing people with the quality of life and standard of living every single working class family is entitled to according to the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights--- neither of you mention that:

* A National Public Health Care System would put twelve to fifteen Americans to work providing people with free health care... publicly financed, publicly administered and publicly delivered just like public education.

* A National Public Child Care System which would employ three to five million workers providing working class families and everyone else with quality and safe free child care... again, like a National Public Health Care System, all publicly financed, publicly administered and publicly delivered just like public education.

The American people give up these two much needed universal social programs--- and for what in return? Wall Street's continued militarism and wars and to pay additional billions for Israel's genocidal pogroms against the Palestinian people forced to live on a small strip of land like so many Native Americans living on Indian Reservations?

Not once do either of you so much as mention the Cost-of-Living Crisis each and every working class family in this country is now forced to endure with state and federal governments using their political and economic levers to enforce poverty so employers--- large and small--- can continue to reap super profits from this cheap labor.

Neither of you would be able to live on the $9.50 Minimum Wage you supported or the $10.10 Democrats give lip-service to advocating as an election ploy.

Are those who will make $9.50 going to be part of your "middle class?"

Neither of you support the enforcement of Affirmative Action. It would be very simple for Minnesota legislators to stipulate that every bonding proposal from which the bankers reap tremendous profits should be tied to the mandatory enforcement of Affirmative Action; thus assuring people of color, women and the handicapped gain access to decent, good-paying jobs.

You fail to mention that most working people have no representation at the table where real decisions are made because of the Draconian and undemocratic "At-Will Employment" legislation the majority workers in Minnesota and across the country are subjected to. Why haven't you two proposed ending "At-Will Employment" here in Minnesota and across the country?

You want us to fantasize along with you and "socialist" Joseph Stiglitz in memory of the great "liberal" Hubert Humphrey about a great "middle class America" while you sit in silence as workers experience very specific problems ranging from poverty wages to unjust firings to government spending on militarism and wars to this Cost-of-Living Crisis... all the result of a class divided capitalist society now at its imperialist apex which has spun a powerful web trapping working class families; a web spun by Wall Street that is held together by racism, anti-Communism and corruption protecting Wall Street's quest for maximum profits no matter the harm that results to humans and Mother Nature--- labor is exploited, Mother Nature is raped.  

I have a link I hope you will read. This is an article written by the former socialist Governor of Minnesota, Elmer Benson, because it explains a type of politics you are trying to foist upon us without dialog, discussion or debate:

You want us to perceive your fairy-tale of a "middle class society" as something that is achievable when it is not simply because Wall Street and its capitalist system will not permit it; and, even if it were permissible, it would still leave tens of millions of working class families languishing in poverty because, as you yourselves state, poverty amidst such tremendous wealth would still remain; and since you offer no programs that include the enforcement of Affirmative Action--- the only known specific remedy to racist employment practices--- racism would continue to plague our country along with discrimination against women and the handicapped when it comes to employment--- jobs for everyone at real living wages in line with cost-of-living which is the key to ending poverty which goes along with racism and these dirty wars all of which are the most prominent features of capitalism in its imperialist stage.

I am sure there is no shortage of millionaire labor "leaders," those from the foundation-funded crowd along with Wall Street bribed politicians who would like to provide a "liberal" and even "socialist" cover for Wall Street's agenda as long as there is no discussion of building a progressive movement with the intent of challenging Wall Street for political and economic power.

As far as suggesting, as you do Mr. Smith, that we have to find common ground with conservative Republicans in order to get any kind of change, this is one more fallacy.

Democrats have had ample opportunity with veto-proof majorities to implement real change.

Who stopped Democrats in Minnesota from implementing a real living Minimum Wage in line with the actual and real cost-of-living? Not Republicans; it was Democrats.

Liberals crafted the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights conveniently leaving out any means of enforcement just like Democrats today have shrewdly relied on George Lakoff to properly "frame progressive policy directives" while intentionally leaving out specific remedies to the problems so well articulated in order to trick people into voting for Democrats who over and over again side with Wall Street when it comes to implementing legislation. 

The main "building block" is peace. As long as our Nation's wealth is being squandered on militarism and wars we have no decent present or future.

What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity;" this should be our main "building block."

We need to recognize that we create jobs through massive universal social programs solving our problems. We need the money now financing militarism and wars from which Wall Street profits to be directed towards providing for human needs.

We need 800 U.S. military bases around the world on foreign soil like we need holes in our heads--- we need health care and child care instead. Jobs putting people to work solving our problems.

Democrats in Minnesota put 44,000 people to work. The problem is these 44,000 Minnesotans were put to work in loud, noisy, smoke-filled casinos at poverty wages and without any rights or a voice at work.

And now Democrats with your support Mr. Smith... and your vote State Representative David 
Bly have pushed working class Minnesotans further into poverty with your $9.50 Minimum Wage that won't go into effect until after the Cost-of-Living Crisis is worse than it is today. After all, any thinking person knows that you will be able to purchase less on $9.50 an hour when this legislation goes into effect than what you can purchase today on $7.25 an hour.

In the meantime, working people remain caught in this two-party trap with both Democrats and Republicans bringing us nothing but poverty and wars. Obama's wars, like Republican wars, are creating poverty.

Tell us Mr. Smith and Representative Bly; why isn't peace one of your main foundation "building block?"

Alan L. Maki


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