I think we need a broad discussion that includes articles from all perspectives from the foundation flowers linked with the labor movement like Amy Dean who are trying to hoodwink working people into supporting Obama, again, under the illusion of false hopes to those pushing for alternatives to the two-party trap. We need to be seeking alternatives to the two-party trap and this does not even enter the discussion of the Obama supporters. To get discussion going check out this article by Amy Dean which is intended to convince union leaders and rank-and-file activists and union members to become part of the Obama train to prolonged wars of occupation funded by austerity measures which are decimating and destroying our lives, livelihoods and living standards. Those trying to push Obama on us again would like us to forget that Obama has an imperialist agenda that has nothing at all to do with a progressive people before Wall Street profits agenda.
Obama’s Wall Street agenda is in direct conflict with what is required to turn turn our country around and put us on the road to peace and prosperity.
And Truthout published this pack of lies and misinformation packaged as where workers should be headed:
The question which needs to asked and answered is: Can labor win anything by backing Barack Obama?
With the follow-up question being: Does labor’s support for Obama undermine and weaken the labor movement?
How can working people expect to be able to win struggles for better lives and livelihoods while supporting a warmonger like Obama who is squandering the wealth of our Nation on militarism and wars?
Are we really supposed to believe the working class can make headway during a second Obama term when we as working people have been dealt set-back after set-back without any fight-back during Obama’s first term?
The Election looks like it will be close; why? Because there is so little difference between Obama and Romney.
Obama is a venture capitalist; Romney is a vulture capitalist. Can anyone explain the difference? Both are mouthpieces for the Wall Street merchants of death and destruction who profit from wars. Both advance Wall Street’s same imperialist agenda. Both derive their campaign contributions from the exact same Wall Street 1 per-centers.
We need Wall Street parasites like Obama and Romney about as much as my dog Fred needs wood-ticks and fleas.