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Alan Maki
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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

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We need to beat swords into plowshares.

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Let's talk...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Minnesota Politics: Money, Money, Money… it’s all about Oil Money drenched in blood

An Open Letter to Minnesotans and the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party

I was elected to the State Central Committee (SCC) from Roseau County in the very same manner as all other members have been elected to the MN DFL SCC; unlike any other member of the SCC I have been banned and prohibited from participating in the work of the SCC by a few well-heeled manipulators who control the MN DFL.

If a few well-heeled individuals can get away with silencing me, they can silence anyone--- and the attempt is being made to silence many people right now; very reminiscent of what has happened in the past--- again the “Summit Hill group,” together with the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, the DFL Business Caucus, and remaining right-wing elements in the labor movement are behind this attempt to squelch freedom of expression; it’s all about money.

This cabal is for the right-wing, warmongering, expansionist Israeli government; it is for taking the wrecking-ball to the Ford Plant; it is against single-payer, universal health care; and it opposed to casino workers employed in smoke-filled casinos having any rights... this same group is opposed to repealing "at-will hiring; at-will firing" legislation, which is the greatest obstacle to union organizing that even the proposed "card check" legislation will not be able to surmount and over-come.

I would urge you to read the correspondence below to familiarize yourself with this issue.

Susan Rego took the initial action to ban me from participation in the MN DFL SCC list. Together with Brian Melendez, Donna Cassutt, Andrew O’Leary and the big money bag people who pull their strings; Susan Rego did the actual dirty work… the others on the SCC remained silent.

One needs only to look at the actions of Keith Ellison who knew how his constituents wanted him to vote on legislation concerning the war in Iraq to figure out what is going down.

Instead of consulting his constituents and the peace community that got behind him from the very beginning and got out the vote that first got him nominated, and than put him in Congress, Keith Ellison turned to the individual holding and controlling the purse strings--- Walter Mondale--- for advice on how he should vote while knowing full well his constituents want the troops brought home immediately by ship or by plane as quickly as they were sent into this quagmire turned abyss we call the war in Iraq based upon lies and deceit--- and, his constituents want all funding for this dirty war to end now; not in one year, not in two years, not in ten years… but, now.

As far as I am concerned Keith Ellison and every single other member of Congress that voted to continue funding this dirty war can hop on the first boat or plane for Iraq and go fight their own damn war; they want to vote for Bush’s dirty war for oil… let them go fight over there.

Why would anyone sacrifice one more life if they truly intend for this dirty war to end in a year from now? How dare these politicians waste another human life, or squander one more dollar on this imperialist debacle.

The members of these so-called “peace organizations” who supported this legislation to continue funding this war can go with them to the front lines. Let Keith Ellison take that old goat who stood up and supported his vote go with him, too, along with Walter Mondale who advised him to vote to continue this war based upon lies and deceit.

Mondale should have been over in Vietnam fighting instead of hiding in the Senate supporting that dirty war… its time for him to go where he belongs… straight to the streets of Baghdad and car bombs; or, crawl back into his cave.

These elements have manipulated and maneuvered in every conceivable dirty way to continue their tight controlling grip on the MN DFL… they have prevented a full debate on the issue of the war in Iraq on the state convention floors, first in 2004, then again in 2006. Ironically, it was a “peace organization,” Peace in the Precincts, that helped the Mondale forces prevent the debate on the convention floor in 2004. And now they cry the war continues… dah.

At the 2006 State DFL Convention as I was speaking from the floor in opposition to this dirty war in Iraq making a motion to suspend the rules of the convention to debate this important issue, Mike Hatch was walking past me and I offered him the microphone to tell the delegates his stance on the war... this self-serving little creep that tried to pass himself off as gubernatorial material turned beat red and ran away.

When state convention delegates finally mustered the strength to get a resolution supporting single-payer, universal health care passed by a 72% margin, this small little well-heeled group working at the behest of the DFL Business Caucus through legislators like Bernie Leider and Thomas Huntley went to work to derail and sabotage the single-payer movement at the behest of the American Medical Association, the HMO’s, and insurance industry. Again, with the help of an organization claiming to be for single-payer, universal health care.

We could look at environmental issues, and again, there is an “environmental organization," “Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy,” right there ready to sabotage the work of the rest of us in trying to stop peat mining in the Big Bog and preventing MinnTac from contaminating our waters.

These same money-bags have refused to notify me of DFL SCC meetings.

I want Minnesotans to know that not one single member of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party State Central Committee ever responded to any of my ideas in a respectful manner; instead, this small circle heaped the most vicious abuse upon me including calling me the most despicable names, and even threatening me with physical violence.

Many of these members of the State Central Committee list serve did these dirty deeds behind monikers and screen names, not even having the courage to use their real names in carrying out their dirty deeds while I have spoken out forthrightly and signed my name to everything I ever wrote.

One of the most disgusting, hurtful and hateful e-mails I received from a “fellow member” of the SCC said, “You must be fucking an Arab.”

I sent the following e-mail to Susan Rego, the State Secretary for the Minnesota DFL. Because I have received no response I am making this posting on my blog---

Susan Rego;

In your e-mail to me, banning me from the DFL SCC list serve, you stated:


The owners of the DFL State Central Committee discussion group have
decided to remove your access to the list serve. Your two most recent
posts to the group demonstrate your unwillingness to use this communication
tool for the purpose it was intended - not as a blunt
instrument to beat everyone over the head with your views, but as a
format for real discussion about how to help our endorsed candidates
win in November.

Susan Rego

Speaking of a “blunt instrument,” it seems to me you have taken a sledgehammer and pulverized democracy.

Well, the “November” elections have come and gone. The people of Minnesota beat up on Mike Hatch in the voting booths more than I ever could--- he just wasn’t gubernatorial material; I told you so. Many other DFL’ers are now more unhappy with Amy Klobuchar than I ever was.

As summer rolls around, Minnesotans, by and large, are not exactly what you would call “happy campers” with DFL state legislators, either, who have been unwilling to bring forward single-payer, universal health care; or repeal the anti-labor, anti-union "at-will hiring; at-will firing" legislation.

As far as the candidates being too thin-skinned for what I have to say; maybe we need a little tougher breed of candidates that have the courage to stand up to the well-heeled, big money interests in the DFL and the pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

As a member of the SCC I have the right to fully participate like all other members.

I have several suggestions I would like to run by SCC members regarding the war in Iraq, single-payer, and the Ford Plant closing. I also have a few ideas about the rights of casino workers.

In general, I think we need a good discussion about democracy in the MN DFL.

If you are not going to put me back on this SCC list I would like to know why and be informed of the appeals procedure. In lieu of this, I am requesting that this issue be placed on the agenda for the next SCC meeting… by the way, could you tell me when that will be since I was never notified of the last one, or the one before that. Please send me the minutes from these meetings.

I have been urged to defend my right to participate on the SCC list in order to defend the integrity of the democratic process. Apparently others are feeling pressured to curtail their views and they don’t like this going on, for obvious reasons.

Alan L. Maki
58891 County Road 13
Warroad, Minnesota 56763
Phone: 218-386-2432
Cell phone: 651-587-5541
E-mail: amaki000@centurytel.net

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These are the communications as they took place after I called for a far ranging dialogue around these issues on the part of MN DFL SCC:

1. The Israeli carnage in Lebanon,

2. A discussion of the need to get DFL candidates to support single-payer, universal health care during the election campaign as convention delegates called for.

Rego Family wrote:

Please note: Since I have been re-instated to the MN DFL list serve by Susan Rego and the DFL State Executive Committee as of late this morning; at Susan's request I have removed the e-mail that was in this space because she didn't think it reflected her intent. Should Susan Rego or any other members of the MN DFL State executive committee or their representatives ever care to completely explain exactly why I was removed from the DFL SCC list serve my blog will always be open to their explanation. Alan L. Maki Tuesday, May 1, 2007; 1:33p.m.

Dear Ms. Rego, MN DFL Secretary,

I do not agree there has been a problem with number 4 ["Do not use this list to attack DFL-endorsed candidates or each other"] regarding any of my posts, and I think it is extremely rude and arrogant of you to assume as much... If you want to suggest this as your opinion, then state it that way; but do not ever suggest that I in any way have given my right to think for myself up to you... you are free to check the archives of this list serve, and you will find that my initial posts dealt with issues and concepts and displayed no animosity towards either individuals on this list, or towards any candidates... in fact, I only addressed the news postings of Representative Al Junhke which initiated the discussion, and what was already in the media, or in the public domain.

Please cite the specific examples that you have where there are problems.

I have dealt with concepts and ideas.

As you can see, I have not even been posting of late and there has been a bitter exchange between others over my postings... I would suggest that you seek to reign in those people... and again, I would urge you to tell people on this list not to send me e-mails outside of the list; and to refrain from calling me on the telephone with their filthy and disgusting accusations.

It seems you want to control and limit discussion on every topic and then turn around and say I am bashing the candidates. In fact, I do more than many people on this list to go out and support DFL candidates by bringing forward issues of importance to working people: ending this dirty war in Iraq, for single-payer universal health care, for the rights of casino workers, on environmental issues like peat mining in the Big Bog and MinnTac’s contamination of our streams, rivers, and lakes. I have taken issue with the positions of three candidates (please count them), and one, Matt Entenza--- resigned, just as I suggested he do in order to spare us further embarrassment. The rest of you considered my suggestion to be an "attack on the endorsed candidate." However, it was he, and not me, that was responsible for his actions that ultimately led to his departure from the top of the DFL ticket. I was right in making my suggestion that Matt Entenza resign, and all the rest of you were wrong in condemning me for making the suggestion, and you were wrong for insisting he stay on the ticket... life has now demonstrated that I was correct... just as I believe life will demonstrate that I am correct in stating that Mike Hatch should resign; and, Amy Klobuchar should also resign.

I have the same questions that many Minnesota voters have concerning Mike Hatch and Amy Klobuchar so how can such discussion be "off limits" to the body that has been established for the very purpose of having the responsibility to protect the integrity of the Minnesota DFL? Please explain this.

But that is ok; I will just read the discussions, and not post on your list. There are many other places for me to take my concerns.

I was asked by a number of SCC members and several state legislators to join this list and put my ideas forward... I was hesitant to do so because I was fully aware of the control that the big money high-rollers have on the SCC. This list serve is their property and what they say goes, just like they tell their stable of candidates what to say and do... I think the reports in the media that all DFL candidates in the 5th Congressional District support the Israeli campaign of murder and mayhem, which includes intentionally killing United Nations personnel from China, Canada, and Finland, clearly demonstrates what I say. Perhaps the Kaplans could explain their position on this present violence in the Middle East and then we will have a much better understanding on how things work in the Minnesota DFL. I, for one, would like to know if they would raise funds for any candidate who would have had the courage to vote "No" on the U.S. House Resolution supporting Israel's campaign of carnage and destruction?

I might call to your attention something that you and the state exec continue to ignore... the Minnesota DFL exists in large part to empower those who would otherwise have no voice... not for large law firms and public relations corporation CEO's and party hacks to enrich themselves and purchase Cadillacs while the rest of us cannot even afford health care.

So, unless you have objections to me reading these posts, your problem should be eliminated... if you have a problem with me reading these posts, then simply remove me from the SCC list serve and inform the Roseau County DFL why you are not allowing me to participate, but have chosen to continue to allow bigots, racists, and warmongers to continue participating.

I will forward this exchange on to the Roseau County DFL to let them know that any discussion, on my part, on the issues of importance to them has been banned... the War in Iraq, single-payer, universal health care, saving the Big Bog and preventing the contamination of our streams, rivers, and lakes up here in northern Minnesota by United States Steel, allowing a private company to steal the water from Lake of the Woods to water golf courses in North Dakota, at-will hiring, at will firing, and protecting the rights of 20,000 Minnesotans who go to work in smoke-filled casinos for poverty wages without any rights in the casinos.

As far as getting out your leaflets and yard signs for Mike Hatch and Amy Klobuchar, I suggest you contact the Chair of the Roseau County DFL. I will not be involved in their campaigns in any way, shape, or form.

In the mean time, please watch for my postings elsewhere on the Internet, letters to the editors, and check out the leaflet I will be circulating at the State Fair. Our Union Organizing Committee does a monthly distribution throughout northern Minnesota and these issues will be discussed with our fellow workers, friends, and neighbors. Plus I travel the three-state region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan extensively, meeting with many small groups of people, talking with the media, etc. There is an old saying in the advertising world that makes the charlatans and Elmer Gantry's shudder, "When I am satisfied I tell everyone, and when I am not satisfied I tell everyone, too."

I did not support Mike Hatch or Amy Klobuchar--- before the convention, at the convention--- nor do I support them now. I have a moral and political obligation to tell people my reasoning; and, I do.

Should the SCC or the Exec deem it appropriate to call for my removal from the State Central Committee as several bigots and supporters of this shameful murderous Israeli conduct have suggested... I look forward to very publicly defending my actions... at which point I will have no choice but to release to the public via means available to me the hateful and disgusting e-mails I have received from certain members of the SCC.

I also expect a complete accounting of the resolutions sent in from the Roseau County DFL convention... reading the same documents that you refer to I see there are certain required procedures that have not been followed regarding the processing of these resolutions. Please read your own documents more thoroughly, and provide a full accounting for these resolutions.

As for "respect and civility," let me assure you I treat people with the same "respect and civility" they show towards me. There has obviously been a very well coordinated campaign on the part of a small clique on the SCC to silence my views, that are to a great extent based upon the resolutions from our County Convention, so that the reactionary views of those who travel the path of the Clintons’ DLC might prevail here in Minnesota.

Please make sure my name, or references towards me, never appear in any more postings on this list. I don't think I need to remind you of the laws concerning libel, defamation, and slander; nor of my right to respond and take appropriate action to defend my own democratic rights to voice my opinions without being subjected to a campaign of intimidation and hate.

That not one other member of this list, NOT ONE, has had the moral courage or the political integrity to address the issue of the present violence in the Middle East speaks volumes for the Minnesota DFL... and I feel sorry for you if you do not see this. I do not mean to "attack" here, but I am wondering if the entire DFL SCC are not dupes for the murderous, right-wing government now in power in Israel... David Ben Gurion, Meir Vilner, and Albert Einstein must be resting very uneasy in their graves at this moment. I am sure they would join me in saying, "Shame on Israel; shame on the silence coming from the Minnesota DFL; shame on those Democratic Party legislators who went along with U.S. House Resolution 921 supporting the Israeli carnage in Lebanon.”

Please do not take this communication from me to mean that I will no longer communicate my ideas and opinions on these matters, only that I have chosen to articulate the concerns that I have to a much wider public audience since it is a complete waste of my time to try to discuss any problems or concerns that liberal and progressive Minnesotans have regarding issues and problems with the members of the SCC who you have managed to coerce liberals and progressives into silence under the guise of "having to support the endorsed candidates." The next time I see any members of this State Central Committee wearing "Peace First" t-shirts and talking about "Peace Pledges," I will remind them of their hypocrisy in remaining silent concerning the murderous Israeli campaign of carnage now in progress against Lebanon and the people living there.

It is increasingly becoming evident to me why so many liberal and progressive minded Minnesotans have made the decision to abandon the Minnesota DFL.... the Minnesota DFL has completely abandoned them, together with abandoning peace and social justice. I think that it is quite apparent that liberals and progressives will have to take the initiative to organize outside of the DFL if we are going to make any headway towards retaining and expanding the historic liberal and progressive political traditions Minnesotans are proudly known for. I have a clearer understanding why Rudy Perpich was increasingly coming to the conclusion that the DFL was turning into a dead-end street for liberals and progressives.

Alan L. Maki
Elected Member
DFL State Central Committee
Roseau County, Minnesota


The owners of the DFL State Central Committee discussion group have
decided to remove your access to the list serve. Your two most recent
posts to the group demonstrate your unwillingness to use this
communication tool for the purpose it was intended - not as a blunt
instrument to beat everyone over the head with your views, but as a
format for real discussion about how to help our endorsed candidates
win in November.

Susan Rego