Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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Alan Maki

Alan Maki
Doing research at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

A program for real change...


What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

"Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens"

- Ben Franklin

Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Don't just vote for Dumb Donkeys, engage them...

Here we go, again; with Democrats telling us we must vote for them in 2018 in order to protect ourselves from Trump even though these Democrats have not raised their voices in a way to protect us.

In fact, Republicans like Bob Corker have spoken out more vigorously, and this isn’t saying much for Corker, than Democrats to warn us about Trump’s marching us into World War III.

Peace is the most important issue and the fact of the matter is, Democrats are complicit in pushing us into World War III.
For those urging us to vote for Democrats as a way to save us from Trump, I would suggest they get involved in the Democratic Party at the grassroots level where they will find their neighbors and fellow workers and submit resolutions of substance on issues of peace and disarmament, full employment, a National Public Health Care System, a National Public Child Care System, for Trump’s impeachment, and a resolution to explain the relationship between the carbon footprint left by the Military Industrial Complex and global warming.

I think it is important to engage with grassroots Democrats on the local level as a way to influence Congress.

And make your resolutions very public through letters to the editor, leafleting your neighborhood and tabling and petitioning.

Doing all of this with the intent to bring millions of people into the streets to back up our demands for peace, social and economic justice.

But simply calling on people to vote for these Dumb Donkeys without mustering the power of the people to push these politicians to do what is right is just asking for more of the same from these worthless Democrats.

You can get all the information you need to put together resolutions, letters to the editor, leaflets and educational materials from my blog posts like this:

I would encourage you to get together with a few other people to work on this. Meet in living rooms, union halls, church basements or a park.

Maybe start a monthly book discussion group. There are lots of good books on these topics.
You might want to start with a discussion of Ken Fuller’s New book, “Hardboiled Activist” about the life of writer and activist Dashiell Hammett.

On the one hand we need a new political party; on the other hand, we have to make due using the Democrats to get rid of Trump.

I will be posting resolutions on these issues you can take before your local Democratic Party organizations.

The thing is, I don’t want people lecturing me about how I have to vote for a bunch of Dumb Donkeys in order to save ourselves who in the final analysis are no better than the Republicans when you are not willing to put in the kind of effort that will push these Democrats to do what is right.

Check out what Elmer Benson had to say: