Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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Alan Maki

Alan Maki
Doing research at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

A program for real change...


What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

"Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens"

- Ben Franklin

Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Friday, January 23, 2015

When sleaze raises its ugly name-calling head under the guise of being "liberal" and "progressive" and then turn to thwarting and blocking discussion, dialog and debate

  • Alan L. Maki
    After listening to Obama's "State of the Union Address," I am so glad I didn't get hooked into voting for this creep Obama--- this imperialist Wall Street warmonger; I didn't vote for him either time either time--- nor did I support him as a delegate to the the State Convention of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party.

    Obama is neither liberal nor progressive; he is definitely not left.

    Like the fascist Mussolini, Obama is nothing but a demagog who knows how to talk in a populist properly "framed" language making all kinds of implications he intends to do what is right by the people without providing or presenting any specific solutions--- and when he does present highly popular specifics like his touting a free community college education he knows damn well it has no chance of passing; just like Obama and all these Democrats with their hypocritical campaign rhetoric saying they don't think anyone working should have to live in poverty knowing that when they get elected they are going to legislate one more Minimum Wage that is nothing but a poverty wage when compared to soaring prices of goods and services which constitute the actual "cost-of-living" which when we combine wages and "cost-of-living" we are able to determine the actual "standard-of-living."

    Wages plus government programs plus the real "cost-of-living" determines one's "standard-of-living."

    When we use this equation we discover that wages have not only been "flat" for many years but that most working class families are caught in a "cost-of-living trap" with more working class families than ever being pushed further and further into poverty making Obama's talk about "I work for you" when addressing his hand-picked audiences of working people a complete and total farce and fiasco--- worse than this, he is arrogantly mocking us and playing us for chumps and fools; and, then, his supporters have the unmitigated gall to blame the voters because fewer and fewer people are turning out to vote for these Dumb Donkeys with millionaire labor leaders still holding up the tails of these Dumb Donkeys and peddling what the sparrows leave behind as some kind of "prize" we should be thankful for.

    When is enough really enough?

    It is time for a working class based progressive people's party which will stand firm and fight for peace, social and economic justice; all of which requires putting an end to these goddamn dirty imperialist wars Wall Street merchants of death and destruction profit from murdering people all over the world financed with austerity measures (poverty) shoved down the throats of working people and their families.

    Some so-called liberals, progressives and most disgustingly shameful leftists shoved Obama down our throats using lies and deceit while intentionally failing to disclose Obama's Wall Street agenda... don't get suckered again by these worthless charlatans many of whom have enormous incomes based on how well they can snooker people into voting for their Wall Street enemies under the guise of being our "friends."

    The time has come--- long overdue, actually--- to tell these Dumb Donkeys to "go to hell."

    Republicans and Democrats working in cahoots with pundits from "think-tanks" financed by the Wall Street "philanthropists," together, combined, form the components of Wall Street's "two-party trap" intentionally set in a way to trap workers leaving the working class powerless.

    Democrats have the nerve to suggest that we should accept another poverty wage as the Minimum Wage because someplace down the road they claim they will get the Minimum Wage to a real living wage as they piously and hypocritically pretend to emphasize with us as their very actions of using the levers of government enables Wall Street to get bigger and fatter as a direct result of its control and manipulation of these politicians--- it is a vicious circle and even a dog wouldn't chase its tail for so long of a time.

    These Wall Street bribed politicians then proceed to try to pass off their reactionary and regressive legislation as "reforms" when the very definition of the word "reform" is to make something better. For doing so much in the way of "reforms" it is amazing how bad things are for the working class and how life just keeps getting worse.

    We need to launch grassroots and rank-and-file struggles for real reforms but our struggles must all lead towards the same end--- removing Wall Street from political and economic power which requires not just the important movements for specif reforms intended to alleviate and solve our many problems but these struggles must be part of forming a massive anti-monopoly coalition with its own political party.

    Our struggles need to be fought united and militant in the workplace, in the streets and at the ballot box--- education, organization and united action.

    Do you have a rank-and-file organization in your place of employment?

    Do you have a grassroots organization in your neighborhood?

    If not, Organize!

    Quite frankly, unless we organize by educating people about the link between wages and "cost-of-living" which determine our "standard-of-living" I doubt our struggles will be winning struggles... the politicians, pundits and their "think tanks" along with the millionaire labor leaders will say and do just about anything to obscure this link between wages and "cost-of-living"... because as far as they are concerned they got theirs'--- at our expense--- and the rest of us can go to hell.

    And the wealthier the Wall Street crowd becomes the more all powerful they become in determining how we will live and work and the kind of world we will be forced to live in--- not just their wars, racism and poverty but polluted air and water along with contaminated land not to mention how, for profits, they are killing us with the food they are feeding us.

  • Merle Dudley-Nelson After listening to the President.....I wonder.....I heard the middle-class over and over....and 7 paid sick days for millions of Americans....and 2 years free college just like high school....I heard that over 13,000 troops bought back to America....st...See More
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  • Sheila Puryear The President is considerably to the left of Kennedy, who doubted the legality of Social Security expansions and was a resolute Cold Warrior.

    Your reaction speaks more to a disgust with the President and displays no understanding of either recent political history or the American public. But rail on: we do need a more progressive nation. I'm just not certain that hatred will get us there.
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  • Laurie Jackson Someone needs to take a chill pill.
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  • Crystal Powell Alan L. Maki why are you here. I would suggest that there are better pages for you that can offer you the political panacea that you believe exists. I was wholly offended by your rant for 3 separate reasons. 1. You clearly didnt listen to the Presidents speech because your assessment isn't rooted in reality. 2. Your suggesting a change in parties that you have no earthly clue how to get and in fact is impossible based on your immature rant. 3 Finally This is a Progressive page for actual REAL Progressive People who are EDUCATED about not just politics but the US political system.. ... Most of us have run for office or ran campaigns for a good number of years, clearly you have not. Progressives are people that want to see the needs of the nation advanced and the Tax dollars collected used for that advancement. To paint the President .. the most Liberal and Progressive since Kennedy with policy as Progressive as FDR clearly means that you do not know the meaning of ism's that you have called him. Im gonna leave this post for 8 hours so that you have time to see what I have said to you before I delete it and you. I encourage you to seek out the libertarian cesspool that Koch industries would be happy to provide for you. Good riddance.6 hrs · Like · 5
  • Gretchen E. Peterson Alan, you are not a progressive and do not belong here. And you know it. You need to be kicked out and blocked.
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  • Crystal Powell Alan L. Maki I want to make sure you see this so im pushing it up
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  • Mary Aleba Alan L Maki, I think you were looking for Fox News page....please re-google that address...and take your rant into the echo chamber that keeps you happy
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  • Ben Donahue Buzz off!!!!!!
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  • Marylou Eliot if it writes like a troll, looks like a troll then it is a troll...someone please block this asshat from this page...I look here to get news that I want to see and here not gibberish from this troll
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  • Charlie Diggs Alan L. Maki. Did you vote for Willard? Or McCain/PALIN? Who is the hypocrite?
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  • Charlie Diggs Alan L. Maki. You FB page only criticizes Democrats! TROLL
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  • Carrie Charles Stone I just joined and this is the first post I read? Based on the comments I'm giving the group a little more time but whoever this Alan L. Maki is, he wasn't watching the SOTU speech I saw or witnessing the same Obama I've been observing these last 6 years.
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  • Charlie Diggs He is a TROLL that comes in, throws out some crap, and then splits without any discussion. His FB page is critical only of Democrats. Any reasonable person could find very much to criticize the haters about if they wanted to. He calls President Obama a war monger without even mentioning members of the previous administration,
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  • Jeanean Williams Delete him now.
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  • Carol Thompson Bork I agree. No waiting 8 hours, please! Delete!!
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    • Sheila Puryear Repeating your charges does not make them true. Come back to reality please, or head to Fox. (You make them look sane.). And while they will agree with your demonization of the President, your critique will be rejected.
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    • Gretchen E. Peterson Alan L. Maki is well known in Minnesota political circles. He does NOT belong here!


      Alan L. Maki

      Thanks for your kind words,
      Gretchen E. Peterson. I am glad to know that your circle of dirty birds and Dumb Donkeys takes note of what I say and do.