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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

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We need to beat swords into plowshares.

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Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Monday, November 8, 2010

No "democracy" in "e-democracy"

Mr. Perry, e-democracy Forum Manager;

I agree whole-heartedly with David Shove's characterization of e-democracy as a front for the MN DFL:
E-dem is run in pro DFL capitalist bourgeois imperial powers that be
manner; you censor serious challenges to system evil; you don't allow any
response; and you ban those who don't fit. And what's more, you like it
that way and know we have no response. "Democracy" hah!

I have known this for a long time, and have been banned several times.

I have come to know that I have to be sneaky and indirect to get around
e-dem's serious love affair with censored parts of the powers that be.


And a further response from David Shove to "e-democracy:"

This is not so much you personally as e-dem generally - the several
branches in the several cities with the several moderators over as many
years - 10? - as it has been in existence. If records are kept, I have
been banned and warned several times, and often because the official
policy is to treat public people just like private people, as if public
people did not have in law LESS protection from charges, so that the
public could have MORE ability to expose and mobilize against bad
government and corporate etc policy. I have been written that public =
private, so it's not just an impression I have but a statement from e-dem.


I would go even further than Mr. Shove and state the true nature of e-democracy is to enable a bunch of foundation fronts for the DFL to receive grants and this money is then channeled in a way that supports DFL candidates and serves to evade all accountability.

I was banned because I continued to use phrase "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" which Mr. Moen said was the same as "reparations" which for some reason is a banned topic on e-democracy even though "reparations" is a very important topic to many, many people who continue to suffer the affects of slavery, and the United States government does, according to many people--- including myself--- have a responsibility to award damages to this "class of people."

But, it was the epitome of racism for Mr. Rick Moen to ban me because I insisted on addressing the issue of "affirmative action" in opposition to HIS interpretation that "affirmative action" is the same as "reparations for slavery."

E-democracy is racist in every way, shape and form.

E-democracy is a front used by the DFL and its foundation whores financed by outfits like the extremely anti-labor and extremely racist Blandin Foundation.

Fortunately, as we have seen from this past Election on November 2, the way e-democracy is run by you two-faced racist hypocrites interested in maintaining the DFL as the same old corrupt party of slavery, banking, power generating, mining and forestry industries raping the land and exploiting the people while engaged in a genocidal campaign that continues to this very day as e-democracy has also banned all discussion of the "Compacts" the DFL created for the mobsters who manage the Indian Gaming Industry as it was even ruled an improper topic to continue talking about how workers are forced to work in these smoke-filled casinos at poverty wages without any rights under state or federal labor laws all created by a bunch of crooked and corrupt elements inside of the Minnesota DFL like "Skip" Humphrey--- none of this is allowed for discussion on e-democracy where it is prohibited, under the guise of "civility" to call corrupt politicians corrupt and racists racist... e-democracy through its racist and undemocratic behavior that EVERYONE identifies with Brian Melendez and the Zionist AIPAC apologists for the Israeli killing machine (language also "banned" on e-democracy in the name of "civility"--- well, e-democracy through its racist and undemocratic--- as well as anti-labor--- disposition as a front for the Summit Hill Club and the MNDFL Business Caucus, has contributed to doing the DFL in at the polls... and for this I and 40,000 casino workers in Minnesota rejoice as the very racist and very anti-labor and pro-business DFL candidates you have sought to shield from the criticism have now been defeated:

James Oberstar
State Senator Mary Olson
House Member Brita Sailer
House Member David Olin
House Member Bernie Leider

Good riddance; instead of using e-democracy where there is no democracy; we took our campaign to defeat these racist bastards and bigots out to the people in a variety of other ways.

Thank you e-democracy for forcing us out into the communities where our electoral actvities met with great success as we encouraged voters not to vote for these racist bigots whose campaigns were financed by the racist John McCarthy and the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association which manipulated and maneuvered to have me banned from e-democracy.

Another subject taboo on e-democracy is the fact that not one single Native American Indian has a seat in the 200-member plus Minnesota State Legislature in spite of the fact that Minnesota has one of the largest Native American Indian populations in the United States of America with 11 Indian Nations that are supposed to be "sovereign" yet have to come begging to the State of Minnesota and the United States government for "permission" for everything they do... another topic I was warned not to comment on on your "e-democracy" which is obviously mis-named.

Mr. Perry, you can take your "e-democracy" and shove it far up into a place where the sun never shines.

In closing I would note that you have allowed Sally Fineday, another mouthpiece for the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association, to conduct the most disgusting campaign of lies against me personally and the Midwest Casino Workers Organizing Council at the behest of her handlers, John McCarthy and Stanley Crooks who exploits over 5,000 casino workers in his Mystic Lake Casino empire and forces them to sign, as conditions of employment, a statement saying that they understand they will be immediately terminated if they are found to be engaging in any union organizing efforts... something that is completely contrary to every human right and labor rights standard as recognized by the civilized international community--- again, a topic you have banned from discussion on your "e-democracy."

Mr. Perry, why don't you explain the stance of "e-democracy" on "net neutrality?" Lol!

Other topics "e-democracy" has banned from discussion include:

ending U.S. aid to Israel and divestment of state funds from Israel
a national public health care system
a national public day care system

On the other hand, even after I was banned from "e-democracy;" all of you "moderators" allowed me to be attacked without let up based upon the most vicious anti-communist, racist, anti-Semitic and anti-labor campaign... true to the Minnesota Democratic Party's founding roots of defending slavery and the genocidal campaigns waged against the Native American Indian people and its support for big-agribusiness against small family farmers and its unrelenting campaign against organized labor that culminated with the "great liberal" Hubert H. Humphrey writing the Communist Control Act which still governs "e-democracy."

I am glad to see that ever larger numbers of people are coming to see "e-democracy" for what it really is... as David Shove has pointed out, you are nothing but "shills for the MNDFL."

Mr. Perry, have I provided you with enough "specifics?" I hope you will take this e-mail to the full board of "e-democracy" and provide copies to the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association, Brian Melendez the Chair of the MNDFL and the Blandin Foundation.

In closing, I would note that I was prohibited from advocating for Mark Dayton's candidacy on "e-democracy" because I noted he was for the enforcement of "Affirmative Action" (Executive Order # 11246) so I don't find it strange that "e-democracy" is now trying to thwart and stymie any discussion about how the DFL leadership, working with Karl Roves attorneys under the guise of a "fair election" is trying to deny Mark Dayton his position as Governor of Minnesota an elected position he won by 9,000 votes... since when is winning by a slim margin now an opportunity to challenge an election without having to cite any irregularities... but, what the heck, it is no different than another topic that has been ruled as banned from e-democracy: the right of employers to challenge unemployment benefits due employees without having to provide a reason... and, it is right in line with another topic banned from discussion on "e-democracy," the Draconian "at-will hiring; at-will firing" legislation which remains on the books because it is supported by the DFL Summit Hill Club and the MNDFL Business Caucus along with their Republican friends... all now working in cahoots with Republicans to deny Mark Dayton his hard worked for victory where you moderators preach "civility" but you allowed Mark Dayton to be attacked to no end as being "crazy;" and then, when challenged, you claimed it was acceptable behavior because Mark Dayton admitted to be under the care of a psychiatrist and was being medicated as a result... how pitifully bigoted and biased "e-democracy" is while claiming just the opposite.

Oh, yes; and lest we forget... it was in 2007 I was warned I could not call Barack Obama "a flim-flam man and con-artist working for Wall Street."

Mr. Perry; since you obviously were inviting my comments by sending this e-mail exchange on to me I decided to provide my input even though trying to discuss anything with you DFL party hacks is a waste of time; but, I am passing my comments along to others... and for those not receiving this "Bcc'ed;" you can tell your friends to read this on my popular blog that has more readers than "e-democracy" has participants:

So, like with your daily newspaper, when reading anything on "e-democracy," make sure you "read between the lines."


Alan L. Maki
Director of Organizing,
Midwest Casino Workers Organizing Council

Quoting Matt Perry :
> Mr. Shove,
> Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.
> It appears you are implying bias, but without specifics, I cannot
> respond to such a charge. You don't know my politics from the forum. I
> make a point of not posting to the forum although that is my right so as
> to even further reduce the possibility of the perception of bias. Please
> do share any data you have related to this concern.
> I would value getting specific examples of the general concerns you
> raise. If I am being inconsistent or favoring one group (or issue
> position) over another then I can make adjustments. That helps me do a
> better job as forum manager.
> Sincerely,
> Matt Perry
> East Harriet Farmstead/Minneapolis
> Forum Manager
> David Shove wrote:
> >E-dem is run in pro DFL capitalist bourgeois imperial powers that be
> >manner; you censor serious challenges to system evil; you don't allow any
> >response; and you ban those who don't fit. And what's more, you like it
> >that way and know we have no response. "Democracy" hah!
> >
> >I have known this for a long time, and have been benned several times.
> >
> >I have come to know that I have to be sneaky and indirect to get around
> >e-dem's serious love affair with censored parts of the powers that be.
> >
> >--ds
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >On Mon, 8 Nov 2010, Matt Perry wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >>Folks,
> >>
> >>There are many aspects of the Minnesota Politics & Issues Forum that make it a
> unique and positive experience for "information sharing and discussion of
> Minnesota public policy issues and politics."
> >>
> >>A key component are the civility rules of this forum. The use of inflamed
> speech is a violation of the forum participation rules. For example, posing
> questions like "Do you take personal responsibility for the deaths caused by
> Democratic policies" is inflamed speech.
> >>
> >>If you cannot make your point in a civil manner, then this is not the forum
> for you.
> >>
> >>4. Be Civil - No insults, name calling or inflamed speech. Personal one-on-one
> arguments, disagreements or personality conflicts are not appropriate on the
> public discussion forum. The Forum Manager shall provide guidance to
> participants on what is appropriate and what is not allowed. Attempts at humor
> or sarcasm should be labeled ... ;-), :-), etc.
> >>
> >>It is possible to make your point in an impassioned, even unvarnished way
> while keeping it civil. Please let us all do so.
> >>
> >>As a reminder, discussion of the forum management in the forum is not allowed.
> Instead, please contact me directly and *offlist* if you have questions or
> comments about this post or other forum management issues.
> >>
> >>Thank you.
> >>
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> >>East Harriet Farmstead/Minneapolis
> >>Forum Manager
> >>
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