Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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Alan Maki

Alan Maki
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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

A program for real change...


What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

"Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens"

- Ben Franklin

Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More problems for Obamacare... who is responsible for paying for the children if their parents don't?

Now there is another problem with Obamacare.

This time it is about forcing people to insure their children. The claim being made by the government is that paying for health care for children is a "parental responsibility."

The controversy arose because the Church of Scientology doesn't want to be forced to insure their children.

Senator Harry Reid wants to make accommodations for this outfit.

In my opinion, both positions prove why the ACA is a farce and nothing but a profit gouging fiasco.

We need a National Public Health Care System in this country and a movement should be started to put it on the table. With all the opposition to Obamacare it shouldn't be too difficult to initiate a movement for what we really need.

Publicly financed, publicly administered and publicly delivered health care--- based on the model of public education.

Free health care for everyone.

Paid for by cutting funds for war--- the long-promised "Peace Dividend." If that won't cover it then tax the rich.

We, as a people, could even finance it ourselves through a pay-roll tax just like with Social Security and it would still be a good deal.

Indeed, we might not have to pay anything.

Right now we pay more in medical costs  (both total and per patient) and have poorer results (percentage people covered, quality of care, infant mortality, etc.) than any other industrialized country on this planet. Looking at decades of  experience in other countries - socialist or otherwise - it is likely that transitioning to a single payer system would immediately yield better results for less cost.

Plus it would create 12 to 15 million jobs putting people to work in neighborhood and community health care centers.

Politicians and others will tell you that a National Public Health Care System is a far out radical idea the American people will never accept--- this is an outright lie.

What they really mean is the corporate lobbyists bribing them would be opposed.

How many people in this country are opposed to public education? Not many. Millions of children go to public schools every single day and this is a vote of support for public education.

A National Public Health Care System would be even more popular than public education.

Obama and the Democrats betrayed us on single-payer universal health care; in my opinion, the only way we should view single-payer anymore is that it would make a good first step in preparing the ground to make the transition to a National Public Health Care System.

While single payer payer may be a transition to a National Public Health Care System, what should be clear is the Affordable Care Act is not a transition to anything; but, rather, a huge step backward with the poor, the working class and the middle class with this government program enriching insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

But the transition period from single-payer universal health care to a National Public Health Care system should be of very short duration so we don't get stuck with a bunch of problems like those now hobbling sections of the Canadian Health Care system.

Everything should be covered from pre-natal to burial: general medical, eyes (including glasses), ears (including hearing aids) and mental health.

Keep in mind, Canadians led by Tommy Douglas and Dr. Norman Bethune had their hearts and their minds set on socialized health care; it was a thoroughly reactionary party which bent to the will of the people in bringing forward this Canadian Health Act as a compromise--- Tommy Douglas didn't set out to settle for this compromise and he insisted to his dying day that nothing short of socialized health care would solve the problems of Canadians... and nothing short of a National Public Health Care Program is ever going to solve all of our problems with health care as this newsletter lays out the problems being encountered. As we all know there are a myriad of problems with Obamacare and lots more to come. There is nothing fair about it; it is one big scam to transfer wealth from the working class to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

We have been jerked around by these worthless Democrats on both health care reform and the Minimum Wage.

Working class families are experiencing a "cost-of-living crisis" and this health care mess only exacerbates and intensifies this "cost-of-living crisis."

I wouldn't expect politicians and the well-heeled to understand how this health care mess is related to the "cost-of-living crisis;" these people who can afford everything have never had any empathy or sympathy for working class families who they arrogantly keep referring to as "middle class" as if most working people are in some kind of "middle income bracket" far removed from poverty when the situation is such that the majority of working class families live on the very edge of poverty, one or two checks away from poverty--- and I don't call this "middle income" or "middle class"... in fact, just one hospital stay away from poverty--- with or without Obamacare.

I have not heard one single politician explain how Obamacare has created one more cost-of-living problem for working class families but good old Harry Reid who finds it more lucrative to pimp for Wall Street than his hookers will look for a gimmick to satisfy the Church of Scientology which is nothing but one big racket that attracts a bunch of dingy Hollywood celebrities while the working class foots the bill.

More coverage?

Better results?

Let us use old fashioned conservative principles and get more bang for our buck with single payer transitioning to a National Public Health Care System.

As far as "children's health care being a legal duty of the parents?" I say, "bullshit."

This is the government's responsibility to provide health care for children... and everyone else.

Any country that can afford trillions for war after dirty war can afford to provide health care for its own people--- especially health care for children.

And I think it is a dirty shame that those pushing for single-payer are as dirty and devious in keeping the proponents of a National Public Health Care System out of these discussions and debates just like Obama and the Democrats silenced their own voices.

There isn't one single politician in Congress (the House or Senate) who can be trusted to stand up to Wall Street when it comes to health care reform, making the Minimum Wage a real living wage or when it comes to the most important issue of all: peace. This is just plain out pathetic that the majority of the people, workers who create the wealth, have no voice in Congress.

What happened to, "We, the People?"

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Do you prefer donkey dung to elephant shit?

Democrats have betrayed workers on the two most important issues:

1. Single-payer.

2. A living Minimum Wage.

I don't include the most important issue of betrayal of all other issues--- peace; because expecting the Democrats to do anything other than get us into imperialist war after imperialist war would be like thinking the Republicans may have something to offer us, the American people--- We, the People.

On the issue of peace which is the most important concern for working people, the Democrats have betrayed all of the American people as they carry out these dirty imperialist wars at our expense to look after the interests of the greediest bunch Wall Street parasites, the .25%--- the Military-Industrial Complex.

Robert Reich has actually been one of the very worst liberal impostors because he makes people think the very serious problems plaguing this country can be solved on the basis of some kind of "economic populism" without putting an end to militarism and wars.

I was recently on a conference call where Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich and Elizabeth Warren were praised as being "shrewd progressive politicians we need to learn from because they know how to finesse issues."

It was stated, "President Obama is a liberal politician with a progressive agenda who has been trapped in a corner by neo-cons on domestic and foreign policy."

Obama's support continues to erode in all the polls--- talking to people this can easily be verified.

Hillary Clinton can't run on Obama's "coat-tails" as a result of his loss of popularity; so what is the Democrats "game plan?"

Clinton can't denounce Obama either or she looks like a complete fool because she is so entangled in the entire Obama Administration.

So how do these Democrats extract themselves from the pickle they have themselves in?

They need to use these progressive impostors like Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren to attack Obama and appear to distance the Democrats from Obama's Wall Street imperialist agenda.

They will be trying to make us think that Hillary offers something different even though they know she will continue the exact same Wall Street imperialist agenda.

And notice how they have used Richard Trumka and the entire Executive Council of the AFL-CIO to destroy the single-payer movement and now they take the leadership away from the grassroots and rank-and-file movement for a real living wage.

And now Richard Trumka has announced that he will support Obama "when" he brings forward a trade agreement (TPP?) that is satisfactory for labor.

Trumka and the entire AFL-CIO Executive Council have been silent on Obama's Wall Street imperialist agenda when it comes to foreign policy and these dirty wars--- at least they inserted one sentence in an Executive Council report (quite literally one lousy sentence) questioning Bush's wars while Bush was president.

Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic Party's candidate in 2016. There is no doubt about this. The Democrats have to bring out the clowns to distract us from thinking about Obama's lousy performance while they change circus acts.

Jokers to the left, jokers to the right and we are trapped in the middle.

The Democrats don't want to create any risks for Hillary so they have consigned themselves to let the House remain under Republican control and they are even ready to give up control of the Senate if defending Obama is required to maintain Democratic control.

Then they have the nerve to call those of us who no longer buy into this fiasco "spoilers."

The entire phony left is gearing up to create the facade that Hillary Clinton comes forward with a "populist economic agenda" that doesn't include ending militarism and wars--- forget about turning swords into plowshares; they may talk occasionally about the Air Force spending $500.00 for toilet seats but their focus will be on ending "military waste" not on putting an end to Wall Street's imperialist agenda--- the generals can sit on $20.00 toilet seats plotting their next war. 

With all the talk about "progressive" and "left" from the likes of Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren we will hear no challenge to Wall Street's imperialist agenda which is the agenda of both the Republicans and the Democrats and what seems to be on the horizon some kind of "Independent" campaign that will be the embodiment of the thinking coming from the libertarian CATO Institute--- more confusion for people to have to wade through with the likes of Paul Craig Roberts who is a master at conflating right and left thinking adding to the confusion providing the intellectual leadership that will be articulated by someone like Jesse Ventura... again under the guise of "economic populism."

Do you like eating donkey dung better than elephant shit?