Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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Alan Maki

Alan Maki
Doing research at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

A program for real change...


What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

"Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens"

- Ben Franklin

Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Friday, October 25, 2019

Stop the blood-letting in Syria

There remains lots of confusion about what Trump did in withdrawing troops from that specific area in Syria with most members of Congress complaining...

Trump acted in collusion with the fascist dictator, Erdogan, of Turkey. Trump turned a blind eye to what he helped plan.

But who has been appropriating funds to prop up this fascist dictator in Turkey? Answer: The same members of Congress who now say Trump was wrong.

In fact, if not for the United States arming and financing this fascist dictator and the CIA meddling in collusion with this fascist bastard in preventing the democratic forces in Turkey led by the Communist Party in getting rid of Erdogan, this barbaric attack on the Kurdish people would not have taken place.

The American people should respond by demanding all U.S. troops be removed from Syria and no more support for this fascist bastard, Erdogan; no U.S./NATO bases or armaments in Turkey. Support the forces of democracy in Turkey. Free Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

So, what we have is Trump turning a blind eye giving Erdogan a wink and a nod to carry out his barbarity and Congress pretending to be concerned and opposed to Turkey’s barbaric attack on the Kurds even though each and every one of those 350 members of Congress have voted to fund this fascist imperialist racist regime Erdogan presides over in Turkey.

By the way, Congress has never declared its opposition to Erdogan’s brutal repression against the democratic forces inside of Turkey nor have these members of Congress ever uttered a peep of protest against the brutal, inhumane and barbaric conditions of Öcalan’s imprisonment. Free Öcalan and he will see to it that the Kurdish people and the forces for democracy work together to get rid of Erdogan and his cabal of corrupt fascist imperialist warmongers and this will be a major step towards peace in this troubled region of the world.

Both Republicans and Democrats support the wrong people everyplace in the world and Turkey is no different.

The primary problem is we have a bunch of Wall Street imperialists dictating our foreign policy and this is what has to end.

The Wall Street merchants of death and destruction will always promote a pro-war reactionary foreign policy intended to protect their profits and investments and this is what is wrong.

What is really shameful is we have this gaggle of phony liberals, progressives and leftists who have hitched their wagons to the neo-liberals advancing this Wall Street imperialist agenda. Either they don’t understand what is going on or they are just so damn opportunistic they would rather cooperate with these Wall Street assets in Congress than struggle against these corrupt bastards for a just foreign policy respectful of the rest of the world and willing to cooperate with the rest of the world.

We had better take the time to learn and understand what is really going on in the world or we are going to go from war to war with a lot of innocent people dying and suffering just so these parasitical Wall Street vultures can continue to exploit the people and rape these other countries of natural resources... like oil.

I challenge anyone to dispute what I have written here... including those members of Congress hiding their support for this fascist bastard in Turkey behind their resolution condemning Trump when they should be including this hideous treasonous act Trump has engaged in while conspiring with Erdogan as one more grounds for Trump’s impeachment.

We have a blood-thirsty racist warmongering president and a Congress with Democrats in control abdicating their Constitutional responsibility to impeach and as a result people die and suffer.

And to make matters worse we have a media owned and controlled by Wall Street feeding us lie after lie about everything. Has this great free media ever told you the legitimate leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Öcalan, has been languishing in prison for over twenty years ever since the CIA helped the Turkish fascists and the Israeli government capture him? Do you even know anything about Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the PKK? Why not if we have a free media?

And it is a dirty shame that an International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties took place in Turkey at the very time all this carnage was occurring and they did little to nothing to educate working people about what is taking place; nor did they stand up to Erdogan and his fascist imperialist government when Erdogan ordered them not to hold the demonstration they had called for. Nor did they call for Abdullah Öcalan to be released.

It’s time to tell the truth and demand accountability.

The change we need

A progressive program for real change.

I'm fed up... how about you?

I'm fed up with Wall Street's militarism and wars paid for through austerity measures.

I'm fed up with this two party trap we are caught in; we need to break free.

A program for real change...

* Peace--- end the wars, interventions, meddling and occupations; shutdown the 850 U.S. military bases on foreign soil.

* A National Public Health Care System - twelve million new jobs.

* A National Public Child Care System - three to five million new jobs.

* Works Progress Administration - three million new jobs.

* Civilian Conservation Corps - two million new jobs.

* Tax the hell out of the rich and cut the military budget by ending the wars to pay for it all which will create full employment.

* Enforce Affirmative Action; end discrimination.

* Raise the minimum wage to a real living wage based on the actual cost-of-living.

* What tax-payers subsidize in the way of businesses, tax-payers should own and reap the profits from.

* Moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions.

* Cancel all student loan debt.

* Increase Social Security to a real living income.

* All public transportation should be “fare-free” as part of a policy to combat climate change.

* Defend democracy by defending workers' rights including the right to collective bargaining for improving the lives and livelihoods of working people. Repeal and rescind “At-Will Employment.”

* Roll-back and freeze the price of food, electricity, gas and heating fuels; not wages, benefits or pensions.

Defend and expand Social Security. Across board increase of $500.00 month. 

Instead of politicians talking about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” at election time, we need to make the President and Congress legislatively responsible for attaining and maintaining full employment. 

Wall Street's wars are killing our jobs just like they kill people; these endless imperialist wars, as Mark Twain called them, are making us all poor. Wall Street is our enemy.

We need to break free from this two-party trap by creating a new working class based people’s party that is anti-monopoly and anti-imperialist challenging Wall Street for political and economic power while raising the need for a socialist cooperative commonwealth as an alternative to capitalism.

Public ownership of the entire energy complex will be required if we are going to halt global warming and climate change,

How is Wall Street’s war economy working for you? 

Climate change is like war, poverty and unemployment... without peace we aren't going to solve this problem either; we can't keep squandering the wealth of our Nation on militarism and wars and expect to live in a society where human needs and taking care of our living environment are priorities.

All wealth is created by labor with quite a little bit of help from Mother nature; in quest of short-term maximum profits, parasitical Wall Street vulture capitalists exploit labor and rape Mother Nature.

For all the good it does, we might just as well be dumping the wealth of our Nation into the deepest depths of the oceans instead of wasting our human and natural resources on these dirty wars only the Wall Street merchants of death and destruction profit from.

Let's talk about the politics and economics of livelihood for a real change.

I'm fed up--- there is always enough money to fight another war but never enough money for human needs.

In my opinion, what we need is a massive people's coalition coming together to 
advocate for an alternative agenda and budget as we challenge Wall Street for power... we need a “People’s Lobby.”

I'm fed up... if you are fed up, too, let's sit around the kitchen table or around a campfire wita few friends to try to figure out how We the People can come together to re-order the priorities of this country.

A progressive program for social and economic justice begins with a focus on peace.

Government budgets reflect our true priorities: http://nationalpriorities.org/en/

Check out this opinion piece and share it with friends:  

                                       Losing Our Way

For a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity."