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Alan Maki

Alan Maki
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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

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What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

"Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens"

- Ben Franklin

Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yesterday we buried our good friend Gregory W. Paquin who was murdered by the FBI and Beltrami County Prosecutor Tim Faver

Yesterday we buried our good friend Greg Paquin who because of his determined struggle to enforce Affirmative Action in the most racist city in America— Bemidji, Minnesota— was targeted and harassed to no end by the racist power structure with the FBI and the Minnesota Public Safety Commission using the racist Beltrami Prosecutor Tim Faver to carry out their racist agenda.
This bunch of racists in the power structure targeted Greg Paquin with a vindictive vendetta and utilized the same government resources it used to enforce discriminatory racist employment practices that should have been used to jail drug dealers; but Tim Faver is known to be personally profiting from the drug dealing in Beltrami County where he has been known to refuse to prosecute these drug dealers and members and leaders of the Native Mob who have been terrorizing people living on Indian Reservations.
The racism of Tim Faver, Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp and Beltrami County Judges has been well documented by the foundation-funded Minnesota ACLU Racial Justice Task Force headed up by Audrey Thayer and her staff, which in spite of having spent over one-million dollars documenting Tim Faver’s racist policies using these viciously racist vindictive vendettas against civil and human rights activists like Gregory W. Paquin to try to stymie the movements for racial equality in Northern Minnesota.
Tim Faver jumped at the opportunity created by the FBI to maliciously— under color of law— prosecute Greg Paquin based on the most vicious rumors and lies initiated by the FBI itself in, what is fast becoming a pattern of repressive behavior aimed at destroying the most basic freedoms in this country protected by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.
In fact, these foundation-funded outfits like the Minnesota ACLU’s Racist Justice Task Force are serving as the cover enabling this racist and repressive atmosphere and activity to continue because they lead people to believe something is being done to try to resolve these problems when nothing in fact is being done; they are part of the larger scheme of things to enable this racism in employment.

Audrey Thayer, when recently questioned during a public forum as to what the results have been for all these years of “collecting data” has resulted in, hid behind that old excuse in evading an answer, “I am not at liberty to discuss what actions are being taken,” when everyone knows no action to end this institutionalized racism in northern Minnesota directed at Native American Indians is being taken.
Audrey Thayer sat in the courtroom smiling as Greg Paquin was being maligned and framed by Beltrami County Prosecutor Tim Faver without so much as decrying this perversion of justice and gross act of repression directed towards Greg Paquin that culminated in Greg’s death.
Beltrami County Prosecutor Tim Faver and Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp should be charged with the murder of Greg Paquin. These racist bigots should be removed from public office. Greg Paquin has not been their first victim and he will not be their last.
Anyone can sit in any Beltrami County courtroom on any day of the week at any time to witness the racism in the Beltrami County Court system as racist repression against Native American Indians is delivered under the guise of justice.

The FBI and Beltrami County Prosecutor Tim Faver spun a campaign of racist hate against Greg Paquin which resulted in his death.

A federal grand jury  investigation should be convened to determine all of the culprits responsible for civil rights and trade union activist Greg Paquin’s death at age 49.

Greg Paquin was a founder of the Native American Labor Union #12 and a determined activist organizing and demanding Affirmative Action in employment be enforced as a way to begin alleviating the disgraceful poverty plaguing Indian Reservations and urban Native American communities.

Greg Paquin became well known for making a very simple, yet very profound observation:

Working people without jobs are going to be poor.”

Greg went on to point out that the majority of Native American Indians are working class people suffering unemployment on the huge Indian Reservations of northern Minnesota with unemployment rates ranging from 65% to 85%.

Gregory W. Paquin, a member of the Plumber’s and Pipefitter’s Union-AFL-CIO, initiated and led a grassroots effort to enforce Affirmative Action when the largest public works project in Northern Minnesota since the Great Depression, the Bemidji Regional Event Center (now called the Sanford Center), got underway without one single Native American Indian being employed in this sixty-million dollar boondoggle where individual wheelbarrows were rented to the contractors for $60.00 a day and individual  sledgehammers were rented to the same contractors for $10.00 a day for over two years.

Greg continually pointed out that Native American Indians are being used as a pool of cheap labor to push all wages of all workers down. Greg’s research exposed how Native Americans are systematically being denied employment in the public and private sectors in Minnesota.

After reading Stewart Acuff’s book, “Getting America Back To Work,” in which Acuff calls on each and every worker to become a “warrior for justice,” Greg with his friends organized a new political party, “Warriors for Justice.”

For his activities in trying to get Affirmative Action enforced, Gregory W. Paquin, was targeted by the FBI working in cahoots and collusion with the Beltrami County Prosecutor Tim Faver and Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp for a vicious and vindictive racist vendetta which ended up killing Greg Paquin.

Greg’s best friend, Curtis Buckanaga, a leader of grassroots efforts to improve the lives and living conditions of Native people declared at Greg’s funeral that a powerful movement to end racism and enforce Affirmative Action will continue being built in memory of Greg Paquin.

Greg Paquin’s remains were laid to rest by his family and friends in the Northbird Family Plot located in a peaceful forest setting beside a river on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation as his spirit soared like an eagle.

[Note: A photo journal of pictures taken at Greg's funeral will be forthcoming.]

I should point out that as a result of the bogus racist conviction on trumped up charges Greg Paquin was framed on resulting in imprisonment that included the intentional denial of health care for treatment of his diabetes which contributed to his death, part of the probation which Greg Paquin was placed on is that he must not blog for a period of ten years. Greg was ordered by a Beltrami County Judge not to continue working on this blog. And the Minnesota American Civil Liberties Union and its Racial Justice Taskforce did not see this as a problem involving Greg being denied his constitutional rights.

Let me be very explicit what has happened here...

Let me state, again:
It is the responsibility of the United States Department of Justice to explain how and why Greg Paquin died.
The FBI initiated a campaign of hate through its “investigation” of Gregory W. Paquin.
The FBI was well aware that its very vindictive racist vendetta against Greg Paquin would spin out of control resulting in Greg’s death.
It is know up to Eric Holder to explain Greg’s death to the American people.
I do find it very interesting that there are those who are going through so much trouble trying to prevent the awareness of this.
Make no mistake, the FBI intentionally set in motion a campaign of hate spiraling out of control like a snowball rolling down a long, steep hill on a warm spring day getting bigger and bigger the faster it rolls until there was no way to stop the racist hatemongers.
Greg Paquin was murdered as a result of this campaign of hate.
Greg Paquin was murdered “under color of law.”
This is exactly what J. Edgar Hoover intended when he set out to “neutralize” those in the movements for peace, social and economic justice.
Greg Paquin pushed the struggle for racial equality in employment to new heights in Minnesota as he creatively engaged people of all races in the struggle to enforce Affirmative Action with very powerful and wealthy forces standing to lose a great deal of the super profits they derived from racism; and, for this the powers that be snuffed out his life.