Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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Alan Maki

Alan Maki
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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

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Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Floyd "Buck" Jourdain and his thugs, death threats and USIS and Altegrity

I received a death threat from someone at phone number 218-679-1850 at 10:19 A.M. this morning.

The phone number is "unpublished."

I was told that if I ever again step foot on the Red Lake Indian Reservation there is a bullet waiting to be put in my head.

This is not the first time I received such threats from phone numbers on the Red Lake Indian Reservation; nor is it the first threat of violence.

In fact, two of our casino workers with the Red Lake Casino, Hotel and Restaurant Employees' Union Organizing Committee were beaten up by thugs who entered their homes early in the morning. Others have been repeatedly threatened.

Floyd Jourdain, according to the New York Times, heads up an administration that is thoroughly involved in the drug trade operating through Red Lake's three "Seven Clans Casinos."

Former Pennington County Prosecutor, now State Representative--- Dave Olin--- is fully aware of this situation where the drug trade, prostitution, loan-sharking and illegal gambling on everything from high school basketball games to professional sports and the ponies is taking place in direct violation of the terms of the "Compacts" under which Red Lake operates its Seven Clans Casinos.

On top of this, mobsters own every single one of the slot machines in these three casinos.

The Red Lake Tribal Police Department has been a party to all of this dirty, filthy corruption including being the "protection" of the drug traffickers as was pointed out in the New York Times and often the direct dope dealers.

Drug dealers fly onto the Red Lake Nation and land in float planes and on runways cleared on the ice  routinely, unhindered and under the protection of the Red Lake Nation Police and the Red Lake Nation Department of Natural Resources.

The FBI, instead of arresting these dope peddlers and mobsters involved in every kind of sleazy crime known to "civilization," continue to "investigate" and harass me without out let-up because of my union organizing activities.

Red Lake Gaming Enterprises has hired the most viciously violent union-busting outfit in the world known for its participation in violence against union leaders and activists on every continent--- USIS (United States Information Services) http://www.altegrity.com/Usis.aspx which is composed of retired FBI, CIA agents and a sundry of the most crooked and corrupt law enforcement personnel and private detective agencies like the Pinkertons. USIS had a "detail" of its "Special Agents" assigned to follow my every move and record every word I spoke including on my telephone. USIS Special Agent George Armstrong was linked to previous death threats made against me but was never prosecuted after intervention on behalf of USIS by the U.S. National Security Administration and the United States Department of Justice. George Armstrong made repeated threats to friends and relatives and targeted their employers trying to get them fired. 

Floyd "Buck" Jourdain and his drug dealing casino buddies are responsible for the violence plaguing the Red Lake Indian Nation. Now, Floyd Jourdain has joined forces with Stanley Crooks who heads up one of the vicious and violent casino enterprises in the world, Mystic Lake Casino and Resort, employing over 5,000 Minnesotans at poverty wages in smoke-filled casinos without any rights under state or federal labor laws; just as Red Lake Gaming Enterprises does. Altogether, in Minnesota alone, over 41,000 casino workers are employed under these abusive, unhealthy, unsafe working conditions as the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party and its partners in the Minnesota AFL-CIO and Change To Win turn their heads in indifference as John McCarthy and the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association bribe these politicians with this dirty money--- often by the brown paper shopping bags full of money with no accounting.

In the United States, over two-million workers are employed in this Indian gaming Industry under the same circumstances and conditions in complete violation of all established human rights recognized by all other nations--- all of this injustice, all of this corruption and violence takes place in the name of "sovereignty."

No other "sovereign" nations on the face of this earth can get away with this kind of injustice and perpetuation of every human indignity known to man... except these "nations" which have been taken over by this mis-named, Indian Gaming Industry which is nothing but a front for a bunch of dirty, vicious and violent mobsters.

Floyd Jourdain and these dirty bastards who called me with these death threats this morning from 218-679-1850 can go to hell.

Is it any wonder that Floyd Jourdain's son would think nothing of his friend planning to go to school and killing his class mates when he knows this same kind of violence is encouraged and approved by his father--- Floyd "Buck" Jourdain.

I have news for Floyd "Buck" Jourdain, his hired hit-men and USIS an Altegrity Company... when they start making death threats against me they aren't making very "smart decisions"--- Mike Cherkasky, the creep running USIS, is making very dumb decisions with his death threats against me.

In addition to repeated threats against me from the "leaders" of the Red Lake Nation and Red Lake Gaming Enterprises who physically attacked me; threats have come my way from Frank Fertitta, Jr. and even his attorneys, the notoriously corrupt, Brownstein/Hyatt/Farber/Schreck, who make the boast that they can get a gaming license for "anyone"... and, indeed they have--- from casino skimmers to drug dealing pimps to loan-sharks and murderers.

Let us hope that the state owned and operated casino that former United States Senator Mark Dayton has in mind should he be elected Governor of Minnesota--- and he leads the pack right now--- does not include entering into business with these mobsters and the state of Minnesota will maintain complete, 100% ownership and control of the slot machines and table games... the Midwest Casino Workers Organizing Council looks forward to working with Mark Dayton as we intend to be representing the casino workers employed in this state-owned casino venture, which, of course, we expect to be smoke-free like all other workplaces in the state of Minnesota and a place of employment where casino workers are fully protected under all state and federal labor laws protecting all other workers.

We don't see a problem with casino workers attaining real living wages under a Dayton Administration because Mark Dayton has told me that he understands poverty can never be ended as long as workers are paid poverty wages... something none of the other Democratic candidates for governor here in Minnesota seem to understand. 

This is not an endorsement of support for Mark Dayton for Governor, though, such consideration might be given should Mark Dayton follow through on his promises to use his campaign as a tool to force state agencies to comply with affirmative action beginning with the Bemidji Regional Event Center now being picketed for employing a racist rat contractor in its construction.

Alan L. Maki
Director of Organizing,
Midwest Casino Workers Organizing Council