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Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

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We need to beat swords into plowshares.

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Let's talk...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Terry Krepel... lying Democratic Party hack


This slanderous and defamatory article posted on a blog was written by Terry Krepel who is a Democratic Party hack; Krepel obviously never heard of the word “research” before doing any writing and then he publishes what he writes without having facts in hand.

Terry Krepel makes up his stories as he goes along to fit in with what his partners at Brownstein/Hyatt/Farber/Schreck require.

Terry Krepel: “Watchdog” or Democratic Party shill?

Terry Krepel talks about me “censoring” my critics on my blog; yet, Terry Krepel won’t allow those he writes about to respond. In fact, Krepel won’t even return a phone call; what a hypocrite Krepel is.

In fact, I merely prevented my blog from being used by these racist, anti-Semitic, anti-communist, right-wing bigots to disseminate their campaign of hate.

Perhaps Terry Krepel would like to explain what he finds so offensive in my blog postings? Chances are Krepel never even read my blog postings. Interesting how Mr. Krepel has colluded with the fascist Cliff Kincaid who is a darling of the John Birch Society when it became convenient for him.

In fact, the “collusion” to which Krepel refers--- between me and Cliff Kincaid--- is me telling Mr. Kincaid in no uncertain terms--- using language I am sure Mr. Krepel would object to--- to never call me again, and my reporting his calls to me to the United States Department of Justice, the Minnesota Attorney General, Lori Swanson, and the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety, Michael Campion because I consider Kincaid’s call to me to be part of the vicious right-wing hate campaign against me initially instigated by Brian Melendez in his attempt to silence me from bringing forward working class issues involving the rights of casino workers; public ownership as a means to save the closing St. Paul Ford Twin Cities Assembly Plant; bringing forward the issue of single-payer universal health care as the MN DFL Party leadership was trying to betray the wishes of Minnesotans on this issue; and my persistent opposition to this dirty imperialist war for oil in Iraq predicated upon lies and deceit which the Democrats acquiesced to and went right along with--- including funding the carnage in Iraq when that money is needed right here at home for education, health care and housing.

It is quite apparent that Terry Krepel really objects to the content of my blogs; especially my calls for people to read books by Frank Marshall Davis, who, unlike Krepel, was an extraordinary and courageous journalist reporting on issues of concern to the working class.

Terry Krepel is obviously a Democratic Party hack and hand-picked surrogate for the monopoly interests backing Barack Obama who have been hard at work spreading their poisonous lies trying to intimidate me into silence because I have suggested working people are entitled to something in return for their votes… Terry Krepel just thinks working people should go off like a bunch of sheep and pull the Democratic lever without getting anything in return.

Terry Krepel is upset because I support Cindy Sheehan in her campaign to unseat that pathetic excuse for a public official, Nancy Pelosi who said she was going to take care of working people in the first one-hundred days of the newly elected Congress with Democratic majorities in the House and Senate… in fact, Pelosi couldn’t even fix the senior drug program Bush screwed up.

By the way, Mr. Krepel; had you done the least little bit of research before writing what you have you would have found that this guy claiming to be the son of Frank Marshall Davis isn’t even registered to vote. And, you would have found that he is nothing but a shill for Cliff Kincaid; in fact, your research would have found that the blog postings I omitted were from one “Nell” who routinely posts to Cliff Kincaid’s blog.

In fact, Mr. Krepel, had you bothered to pick up the phone and make two-calls… you would have found that I forced Cliff Kincaid to recant his vicious and malicious postings about me because had he not, I intended to sue him for libel and defamation of character. I wouldn’t walk across the street to vote for your dear Barack Obama; and Cliff Kincaid tried to use me to demonstrate Communist Party USA support for Barack Obama. As a proud long-time member of the CPUSA it would be a cold day in hell before I ever voted for a capitalist politician no matter what their name… I have stated my intent to vote for Cynthia McKinney--- a real progressive and the best Democrat in the race. My one and only interest in the Obama Campaign is to try to make sure working peoples’ voices are heard loud and clear by the incoming Obama Administration and my blog postings make this crystal clear… unlike you, I state where I stand and what motivates me right up front… unlike you, Mr. Krepel, I have no hidden agenda.

Anyone, including you, Mr. Krepel can pick up the phone and call me; unlike you, Mr. Krepel, when I write or say anything, I am completely assessable to anyone who wants to converse on any issue.

Perhaps what I find even more interesting than the way Cliff Kincaid has used you to spread his racist and anti-communist campaign of hate--- you were real eager to join his anti-communist campaign, eh, Mr. Krepel? But, what I detest the most is the way the Obama campaign is using you as their surrogate to try to discourage people from reading the books by Frank Marshall Davis--- “Livin’ the Blues” and “The Writings of Frank Marshall Davis” available through any public library in the United States. Phony liberals like you are afraid of people reading Marxist writings; people might start to think they really can unite for R-E-A-L change.

Mr. Krepel, you, like Cliff Kincaid, love the capitalist system… and knowing this rotten system is on the skids to oblivion just bugs you to no end.

Mr. Krepel… you are nothing but a fool… You have been used by Cliff Kincaid and who knows how many other two-bit, half-assed fascists just like him.

Mr. Krepel, Phil Ochs must have had you in mind when he sang, “Love me, love me; I’m a liberal.”

Your headline reminds me of what Conrad Black wrote about me: “Commie, Go Home.”

Mr. Krepel, you might want to take note of where Mr. Black currently makes his home.

Phone: 703-370-6747

789 Van Dorn St.
Alexandria, VA 22304

E-mail: tkrepel@verizon.net

Monday, August 4, 2008

Is Kincaid Colluding With a Commie?

Topic: Accuracy in Media

On July 3, Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid published a column in which he ascribed the views of someone who portrayed himself as a communist-sympathetic blogger at Barack Obama's community blog site. Now, one person is fighting back against both the blogger and Kincaid: the son of the man whom Kincaid has been bashing over his connection to Obama.

Kincaid has ginned up right-wing press in recent months by touting poet and activist Frank Marshall Davis as a "Stalinist" and card-carrying communist (even though there's doubt to the accuracy of that claim) who was allegedly "mentoring Obama during his formative high school years in Hawaii." Kincaid's July 3 column touted the writing of Alan Maki, the self-proclaimed communist who's writing a community blog on Obama's website, as offering "deadly confirmation that a hard-core CPUSA member played a key role in helping raise Obama."

Meanwhile, running to the defense of Davis has been his son, Mark Davis, who has appeared in the comment threads of numerous AIM articles to speak out. In a July 29 AIM column by Andrew Walden (who has previously tried to push the false meme that Obama is a "secular Muslim") purporting to expose "the Frank Marshall Davis network in Hawaii," Davis responds to statements made by Kincaid to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Bill Steigerwald:

My objection to the Steigerwald interview, cited by the Honolulu Community Media Council, is primarily based on two unsubstantiated claims:

1. Steigerwald’s unfounded statement that my father was a “lifelong member of the Communist Party USA.”

2. Your unfounded statement that my father was a “Stalinist,” because “He stayed with the Communist Party even after the Hitler-Stalin pact. That’s why I refer to him as `a Stalinist agent’.” You compounded the accusation further by claiming “His values, passed on to Obama, were those of a communist agent who pledged allegiance to Stalin.”

I believe that James Edgar Tidwell, whom you may consider an authority on my father, refutes your statement[.]

Davis also went after Maki in a July 15 post on his own Obama website blog:

In a blatant misappropriation of Obama campaign resources, "communist" blogger Alan Maki is colluding with "conservative" blogger Cliff Kincaid in a disinformation campaign designed to portray Barack Obama as communist-influenced [1]. Accuracy In Media's Kincaid has been running this redbaiting campaign since he published "Obama's Communist Mentor" [2] in February 2008, in which Kincaid exaggerated the influence of "communist" Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987) on teenage Obama.


As of July 15, Kincaid's "Communist Party Backs Obama" article, partially based on the fraudulent Alan Maki blog, has over 58,000 Yahoo Search hits.

I have found no indication that Davis ever taught radical political or economic theory to Obama. Instead, Obama tells of Davis's attitude towards higher education and race relations. I believe that Maki's motivation is clear: He considers capitalism to be a "thoroughly rotten system," and is exploiting Obama’s good will towards Frank Marshall Davis for his own convoluted purposes.

Through his "Roundtable For Change" proposal, I believe that Maki is attempting to parlay Obama's respect for Davis's social insight into Obama's support for Maki's war on capitalism. Through his "Obama's Communist Mentor" disinformation, I believe that Cliff Kincaid is attempting to parlay Obama's respect for Davis's social insight into Obama's respect for Davis's "communist" inclinations. They both use disinformation. They talk to each other, which suggests mutual interests. Perhaps the left and right wings have met in the depths of hell and forged a compact against Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Obama. Their common interests include:

1. Opposition to Obama.
2. Using Maki’s blog for their own political agendas.
3. Communication with each other.
4. Use of Maki quotes in Kincaid’s reports..
5. Exaggeration of Davis’s influence over Obama.
6. Using conservative blogosphere terms like “mentor” in this context, and falsely attributing it to others.
7. Misrepresenting reality to support their positions.

Their mutual use of “mentor” is especially curious, because I can find no use of it (in this context) that predates the conservative blogosphere.


If Maki reads the conservative blogosphere enough to have known about conservative claims regarding Obama’s “mentor,” then he should have known that Kincaid was strongly anti-communist BEFORE he spoke with him. Holding multiple conversations with him becomes even MORE suspicious. This suggests that Alan Maki willingly entered into this relationship with his putative ideological enemy. He knew (or should have known) that Kincaid would exploit his “Roundtable for Change” blog as ammunition against Barack Obama BEFORE his reported conversations with Kincaid, yet he willingly cooperated with Kincaid. This cooperation suggests a serious conflict of interests for Alan Maki.

I challenged Maki's characterization of my father, Frank Marshall Davis, in the comments of his post [4]. I also challenged his association with Cliff Kincaid, and especially his use of the term "mentor" because it has been used extensively by Kincaid's redbaiting campaign.

Unable to answer my questions, Alan Maki suddenly accused me of engaging in a "racist, anti-Semitic hate campaign," and deleted my (and other) critical comments. He fraudulently attributed their removal as being "Deleted by admin," but contradicted himself in his July 14 post by declaring "I am deleting all of your entries."

Kincaid has yet to publicly respond to Davis' accusations of false reporting about Frank Marshall Davis or discuss -- his history of being a rabid anti-communist notwithstanding -- his apparent collusion with a self-proclaimed communist who censors his critics.

Posted by Terry Krepel at 12:46 AM EDT on Monday, August 4, 2008

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