Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorns with newborn calf in Bluebonnets

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Alan Maki

Alan Maki
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It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

It's time to claim our Peace Dividend

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

We need to beat swords into plowshares.

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What we need is a "21st Century Full Employment Act for Peace and Prosperity" which would make it a mandatory requirement that the president and Congress attain and maintain full employment.

"Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens"

- Ben Franklin

Let's talk...

Let's talk...

Monday, August 25, 2008


"The Nation" magazine finally acknowledged the existence of Brownstein/Hyatt/Farber/Schreck but has left much of the story untold.

Here is what "The Nation" printed:


Steve Farber is arguably the most important man in Denver you've probably never heard of. Farber is the chief fundraiser for the Democratic Convention here and a partner with one of the fastest-growing lobbying firms in Washington and most-connected out West: Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck. A number of his clients happen to be sponsors of the convention, including UnitedHealth Group, Comcast and AT&T, the latter the ubiquitous "official wireless sponsor" of the Democratic convention.

The Obama campaign spurns money from federally registered lobbyists and political action committees, but these same entities are welcomed with open arms at the convention in Denver. In a reflection of the enduring power of big money and lobbying, Farber's firm will sponsor a ton of invite-only events this week for major Democratic donors, lawmakers, and movers and shakers. The Rocky Mountain News jested that Farber will attend 378 parties during convention week.

In fact, Farber's firm hosted the opening kickoff party for the Democratic National Committee Sunday night at the swanky Denver Art Museum. VIPs included Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Senator Chuck Schumer, among many others. Farber introduced Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, who's also enjoying a moment in the sun. The place was thick with lobbyists and corporate honchos, a number of whom, I was later told, are supporting McCain.

For now, Obama has accepted the money-driven status quo at the conventions while expressing his desire to one day change it. He told the Rocky Mountain News: "our primary lasted so long...that most of the plans for the convention were already in place by the time I was the nominee...there were bills to pay and commitments made. Should I be fortunate enough to be the nominee for years from now...I would like to see that some of the principles that we put in place, for example, not excepting lobbyist money, PAC money...I'd like to see those instituted as part of the convention process as well."

Here is more of the untold story:

Some people are making the claim that Barack Obama’s campaign reflects the basis for building the anti-monopoly coalition. As has been, correctly, pointed out, Obama’s supporters are from a variety of cross-sections of the population. However, those listed below are the major backers of the Democratic Party National Convention.

Ironically, these same corporations are among the backers of the Republican Party National Convention.

Note here, the inclusion of Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck; this group of lawyers/lobbyists represents most of these corporations.
This outfit, which is dominated by George Soros, the Democracy Alliance:

http://www.democracyalliance.org/ is now undermining the campaign around single-payer universal health care from a “progressive” position, while Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck represents these corporate interests in the attempt to derail single-payer universal health care, too.

I would also call to your attention of Aflac on this list.
This is a very powerful financial grouping which Barack Obama will be committed to, first and foremost.

What is also very interesting is that Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck has organized support for both the Democratic and Republican conventions in the same manner they have helped politicians organize government and plan health care “reforms.”

• Forest City
• Vail Resorts
• United Health Group
• Level 3
• Travelers Insurance
• AstraZeneca
• Prudential
• Dale Carnegie Training
• Hensel Phelps Construction
• America’s Road Home
• ConocoPhillips
• Best Buy
• Visa
• Chesapeake Energy
• Merck
• Lennox
• 3M
• Allstate
• Ball
• United
• Comcast
• Amgen
• Pepsi
• CoBank
• Target
• National Association of Home Builders
• Lilly
• TeleTech
• BNSF Railway
• Medtronic
• US Bank
• Xerox
• Novartis
• Hogan & Hartson
• Peabody
• ProLogis
• Staples
• The Denver Post
• Rocky Mountain News
• Camco
• Aflac
• Archer Daniels Midland
• Lockheed Martin
• Ford
• Anheuser-Busch
• Astellas
• FedEx
• Agvar Chemicals
• J.B. Pritzker
• Motorola
• Western Union
• Coca-Cola
• PCL Construction Enterprises
• American Wind Energy Association
• Lehman Brothers
• State Farm Insurance
• United Launch Alliance
• Kroger
• Waste Management
• PNM Resources
• Morgan Stanley
• Starz
• Pitney Bowes
• Liberty Media
• Anadarko
• Safeway
• Bohemian Companies
• Kraft
• 1st Bank
• Telecom
• Jared Polis
Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck
• Anthem
• Southern Company
• SpaceX
• Cherry Creek Shopping Center
• Tri-State
• Howard H. Torgrove
• Key Bank
• Patrick H. Hamill
• Value Options
• Nanco Global
• Ellen and Steve Susman
• Continuum
• EcoLab
• Richmond American Homes Foundation
• RBC Capital Markets
• Yarmony Energy
• Callahan Capital Partners
• Robert and Jane Toll
• Newmont Mining Company $260,000
• Qwest $6 million
• Vail Resorts $500,000
• Union Pacific $1 million
• Xcel Energy $1 million
• Molson Coors $250,000
• TeleTech $250,000
• Chase $100,000
• Wells Fargo $62,500
• CH2M Hill $50,000

Obama’s bundlers:

Raising from $50,000 to $100,000:
Wendy Abrams (Highland Park, IL)
Charles Adams (Geneva, Switzerland)
Lishan Aklog (Phoenix, AZ)
Karim Alibhai (Key Biscayne, FL)
Pinney Allen (Atlanta, GA)
Michael Alter (Winnetka, IL)
Nola Anderson (Manchester, MA)
Rodney Armstead (Phoenix, AZ)
John Arnold (Houston, TX)
Ricky Arriola (Miami, FL)
Gayle Perkins Atkins (New York, NY)
Jean-Philippe Austin (Miami, FL)
Hannah Banks (Boston, MA)
Jim Bartimus (Kansas City, MO)
Sheldon Baskin (Chicago, IL)
Mike Bauer (Chicago, IL)
Jatinder Bedi (Chicago, IL)
Severin Beliveau (Hallowell, ME)
Alison & Barry Berke (New York, NY)
Allan & Jennie Berliant (Cincinnati, OH)
Richard Binder (Bethesda, MD)
Lea Black (Miami, FL)
Steven Bloch (Omaha, NE)
Les Bond (Chicago, IL)
Frank Borges (Farmington, CT)
Steve Bough (Kansas City, NE)
Elise Boyan (San Antonio, TX)
Russell Budd (Dallas, TX)
David Burd (Washington, DC)
David Burman (Seattle, WA)
Matthew Carlson (New York, NY)
Eric Casher (Berkeley, CA)
Marty Castro (Chicago, IL)
Michael Cavanagh (New York, NY)
Gracie & Bob Cavnar (Houston, TX)
Marisa Chun (San Francisco, CA)
Diana Shaw Clark (London, UK)
Bob Clifford (Chicago, IL)
Bonnie Cohen (Washington, DC)
Tom Cole (Kenilworth, IL)
Michael Coles (Atlanta, GA)
Wilbur Colom (Columbus, MS)
Kevin Conway (Chicago, IL)
Joe Cotchett (Hillsborough, CA)
Mark Cozzi (Chicago, IL)
Barbara Crown Manilow (Chicago, IL)
John Crumpler (Durham, NC)
John Cumming (Park City, UT)
Mike Dardzinski (Beijing, China)
Judy Davenport (Pittsburg, PA)
Lisa Davis (South Orange, NJ)
Stephen Davis (San Francisco, CA)
Jamie Denenberg (Los Angeles, CA)
James Dinan (New York, NY)
Greg Dingens (Chicago, IL)
John Doggett (Chatham, MA)
Justin Douglas (Chicago, IL)
Eugene Duffy (Atlanta, GA)
Rob Dugger (Alexandria, VA)
Carolyn Dwyer (Montpelier, VT)
Kelley Ellsworth (Washington, DC)
Mark Erwin (Chicago, IL)
Jodie Evans (Los Angeles, CA)
Nancy Farese (Kentfield, CA)
Mark Feierstien (Annandale, VA)
Joe Fernandez (Providence, RI)
Nadja Fidelia (New York, NY)
Peter Fisher (Los Angeles, CA)
Brian Frank (New York, NY)
Rob Friedman (Los Angeles, CA)
Ann Fudge (Chestnut Hill, MA)
Carol Fulp (Newton, MA)
Laurie Fulton (Alexandria, VA)
Jay Furman (New York, NY)
Pete Garcia (Palo Alto, CA)
Roland Garcia (Houston, TX)
Barbara Garrett (Coral Gables, FL)
Judy & Mickey Gaynor (Chicago, IL)
Tom Gearen (Chicago, IL)
Peter Gilhuly (Los Angeles, CA)
Jon Glickman (Los Angeles, CA)
Mark Goodman (Cambridge, MA)
Linda Gottlieb (New York, NY)
Howard Gottlieb (Evanston, IL)
Nancy Grant (Winnetka, IL)
Ken Griffin (Chicago, IL)
Doug Haloftis (Dallas, TX)
Cathy Hampton (Atlanta, GA)
Karen Heidelberg (Detroit, MI)
Ann & Peter Herbst (New York, NY)
Doug Hickey (San Francisco, CA)
Philip Hilder (Houston, TX)
Janet Hill (Washington, DC)
David Hinson (New York, NY)
Gary Hirshberg (Concord, NH)
Max Holtzman (Miami Beach, FL)
Jeff Horwitz (New York, NY)
Reed Hundt (Chevy Chase, MD)
Brandy Isaac (Chicago, IL)
Maxine Issacs (Washington, DC)
David Jacobson (Glencoe, IL)
Preble Jacques (Cambridge, MA)
Donna & Larry James (Columbus, OH)
Wanda James (Denver, CO)
Mark Johnson (Washington, DC)
Raye and Jerry Johnson (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Patricia Jones Blessman (Chicago, IL)
Wayne Jordan (Piedmont, CA)
George Kaiser (Tulsa, OK)
Eddie Kaplan (Bethesda, MD)
Marianne Karmel (Newton, MA)
Hrishi Karthikeyan (New York, NY)
Marilyn Katz (Chicago, IL)
David Kenney (Denver, CO)
Alan King (Chicago, IL)
Charlie Kireker (Weybridge, VT)
Ron Kirk (Dallas, TX)
Ted Kurland (Newton, MA)
Bill Lake (Washington, DC)
Rocco Landesman (New York, NY)
James Lassiter (Los Angeles, CA)
Chad Leat (New York, NY)
Debra Lee (Washington, DC)
Tom Lesser (Northampton, MA)
Jack Levin (Winnetka, IL)
Bill Levin (Moss Beach, CA)
Larry Levy (Chicago, IL)
Walter T. Lomax (Chalfront, PA)
Ken Lore (Washington, DC)
Patricia Lorsch (Cambridge, MA)
James Mangold (Los Angeles, CA)
Lewis Manilow (Chicago, IL)
Neal Manne (Houston, TX)
Aris Mardirossian (Potomac, MD)
Jerry Martin (Nashville, TN)
Alyssa Martina (Detroit, MI)
Edward Bilich and Teresa Martinez (Arlington, VA)
Linda Mason (Belmont, MA)
William Matsikoudis (Jersey City, NJ)
Scott Matthews (Wellesley, MA)
Ken Maxey (Los Angeles, CA)
Cappy McGarr (Dallas, TX)
Tom McInerney (San Anselmo, CA)
Frank McPhillips (Birmingham, AL)
Rhonda Medina (Trenton, NJ)
Alex Mehran (San Francsico, CA)
Patrick Miles, Jr. (Grand Rapids, MI)
Charles Miller (Atlanta, GA)
Herb Miller (Washington, DC)
Jon Miller (New York, NY)
Laurie Miller (Washington, DC)
Alan Mills (Indianapolis, IN)
Eric Mindich (New York, NY)
Judd Miner (Chicago, IL)
Richard Mithoff (Houston, TX)
Robert Nelsen (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Marty Nesbitt (Chicago, IL)
Wendy & John Neu (Newark, NJ)
Lora O'Connor (Los Angeles, CA)
Scott Oki (Bellevue, WA)
Bill Orrick (San Francisco, CA)
Lynn Overmann (Miami, FL)
Jeff Padwa (Providence, RI)
Max Palevsky (Los Angeles, CA)
Johnnie Patton (Jackson, MS)
Federico Pena (Denver, CO)
Giles Perkins (Birmingham, AL)
Chris Pohlad (Minneapolis, MN)
Barry Porter (Los Angeles, CA)
Quintin Primo (Lake Forest, IL)
Sunil Puri (Rockford, IL)
Josh Rales (Potomac, MD)
Mike Ramos (Avon, CO)
Michael Rawlings (Dallas, TX)
Antonio Reid (New York, NY)
Alan Reid (San Francisco, CA)
Arthur Reimers (Greenwich, CT)
Lauren Reiss-Frank (New York, NY)
Lisa Renstrom (Charlotte, NC)
Joyce Rey (Los Angeles, CA)
Doris Rhea (Detroit, MI)
Susan Rice (Washington, DC)
David Rivkin (New York, NY)
PJ & Suhail Rizvi (Greenwich, CT)
Rich Rogel (Avon, CO)
Joe Roth (Los Angeles, CA)
Paul Roth (New York, NY)
Tom Rothman (Los Angeles, CA)
Karen Russell (Seattle, WA)
Michael Sachs (Winnetka, IL)
Amelia Salzman (Bethesda, MD)
Miriam Sapiro (Washington, DC)
Sima Sarrafan (Bellevue, WA)
John Schmidt (Chicago, IL)
John Scully (Sausalito, CA)
Robert Sherman (Needham, MA)
Keith Short (Edwardsville, IL)
Tariq Siddiqui (Chicago, IL)
Craig Sieben (Chicago, IL)
Martin Siegel (Houston, TX)
Boon Sim (New York, NY)
Balvinder Singh (Chicago, IL)
Amy Singh (Chicago, IL)
Christopher Smart (Boston, MA)
Gerald Smith (Houston, TX)
Leo Smith (Chicago, IL)
Mark Smith (Washington, DC)
LaRence Snowden (Houston, TX)
David Solow (Chicago, IL)
Josh Steiner (New York, NY)
Joe Steinfield (Boston, MA)
Jon Streeter (Berkeley, CA)
Paul Taubman (New York, NY)
Bill Taylor (Washington, DC)
Dorothy Terrell (Boston, MA)
Rob Tessler (New York, NY)
Sandi Thompson (Woodside, CA)
Kathryn Thomson (Arlington, VA)
Tim Toben (Chapel Hill, NC)
Kyriakos Tsakapolous (Sacramento, CA)
Alicia Urban (Milwaukee, WI)
Kevin Vincent (Arlington, VA)
Eric Vincent (New York, NY)
David Voelker (New Orleans, LA)
Barbara Vogelstein (New York, NY)
Ayelet Waldman (Berkeley, CA)
Jordan Walker-Pearlman (Los Angeles, CA)
Francie Walton-Karlen (Chestnut Hill, MA)
Todd Weaver (St. Louis, MO)
Paula Weinstein (Los Angeles, CA)
Steve Weisbrod (Washington, DC)
Robert Weissbourd (Chicago, IL)
Jim Wiatt (Beverly Hills, CA)
Anita Wien (New York, NY)
Abigail & Todd Williams (Dallas, TX)
Margot Wilson (Washington, DC)
Harvey Wineberg (Chicago, IL)
Hope & Grant Winthrop (New York, NY)
Dan Wofford (Malvern, PA)
Kevin Joe Wolf (Arlington, VA)
Elaine Wynn (Las Vegas, NV)
Matt Yale (Chicago, IL)
Steve Zager (Houston, TX)
Michael Zeldin (Washington, DC)

Raising between $100,000 and $200,000:

Jerry Acker (Southfield, MI)
David Adelman (Atlanta, GA)
Kenneth Alleyne (Hartford, CT)
Jeremy Alters (Miami, FL)
Eddy Arriola (Miami Beach, FL)
Preeta Bansal (New York, NY)
Rob Barber (Cambridge, MA)
Doni Belau (Bedford, NY)
Lawrence Bender (Los Angeles, CA)
Dan Berger (Philadelphia, PA)
Mitchell Berger (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Judy Byrd & Ron Blaylock (New York, NY)
Leonore Blitz (New York, NY)
Peter Bynoe (Chicago, IL)
Joe Calabrese (Los Angeles, CA)
Michael Caplin (McLean, VA)
Tom Carnahan (Chicago, IL)
Hasan Chandoo (Armonk, NY)
Cleveland Christophe (Stamford, CT)
John Connors (Brookline, MA)
James Crowe (Englewood, CO)
Virginia Davies (New York, NY)
Gordon Davis (New York, NY)
FK Day (Chicago, IL)
Vincent Dimmock (Atlanta, GA)
Becky Draper (San Francisco, CA)
Blair Effron (New York, NY)
Cheryl Effron (New York, NY)
Norm Eisen (Washington, DC)
John Emerson (Los Angeles, CA)
David and Marianna Fisher (Los Angeles, CA)
Rick Fizdale and Suzanne Faber (Chicago, IL)
Clark French (Vero Beach, FL)
Lou Frillman (Minneapolis, MN)
David Gail (Dallas, TX)
Alexi Giannoulias (Chicago, IL)
Jill Goldman (Los Angeles, CA)
Fred Goldring (Los Angeles, CA)
Barry Goodman (Southfield, MI)
Barbara Gould (Cincinnati, OH)
David Grain (Sarasota, FL)
De & Paul Gray (Chicago, IL)
Joe Gutman (Highland Park, IL)
Wahid Hamid (New York, NY)
Jennifer Haro (St. Louis, MO)
William Harvey (Hampton, VA)
Greg Helmer (Los Angeles, CA)
Victor Herlinsky (Hackensack, NJ)
Crystal Nix Hines (Los Angeles, CA)
Donald Hinkle (Tallahassee, FL)
Mellody Hobson (Chicago, IL)
Sharon Hoffman (Kansas City, MO)
Helen Howell (Seattle, WA)
Dan Hynes (Chicago, IL)
Ted Janulis (New York, NY)
Valerie Jarrett (Chicago, IL)
Kevin Jennings (New York, NY)
Derek Johnson (New York, NY)
Paul Tudor Jones (Greenwich, CT)
David Kasparian (Paramus, NJ)
Michael Kasparian (Paramus, NJ)
Jay Kreigel (New York, NY)
Ann & Edward Lamont (Greenwich, CT)
Eddie Lazarus (Los Angeles, CA)
Arthur Leopold (New York, NY)
Kenneth Lerer (New York, NY)
Cliff Levine (PIttsburgh, PA)
Brad Lippitz (Chicago, IL)
Caren Lobo (Sarasota, FL)
Daniel Loeb (New York, NY)
Andres Lopez (San Juan, PR)
Kerman Maddox (Los Angeles, CA)
Sue & Steve Mandel (Greenwich, CT)
William Mann (Weston, CT)
Nancy McCullough (Los Angeles, CA)
Irena and Mike Medavoy (Los Angeles, CA)
Kelly Meyer (Malibu, CA)
Howard Milstein (New York, NY)
Ron Moelis (Larchmont, NY)
Jonathan Molot (Washington, DC)
Robert Monks (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Sarah Morgenthau (Montclair, NJ)
Marie Helene Morrow (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Dan Nova (Cambridge, MA)
Adebayo Ogunlesi (New York, NY)
Chuck Ortner (New York, NY)
Sebastiano Paiewonsky (St. Thomas, USVI)
Eric Paquette (Los Angeles, CA)
Deven Parekh (New York, NY)
Michael Parham (Seattle, WA)
Bill Perkins (Houston, TX)
Robert Perkowitz (Charlotte, NC)
Susan Pisor (Chicago, IL)
Jonathan Pizer (Chicago, IL)
John Rhea (New York, NY)
Zeb Rice (Los Angeles, CA)
Andrew Rice (Oklahoma City, OK)
Nelson Rising (Los Angeles, CA)
Wendy Riva (Los Angeles, CA)
Robert Roche (Chicago, IL)
Desiree Rogers (Chicago, IL)
Ben Rosen (New York, NY)
Lee Rosenberg (Chicago, IL)
James Rubin (New York, NY)
BettyLu Saltzman (Chicago, IL)
Ben Schwartz (Wendell, MA)
Eric Schwartz (New York, NY)
Willie Shepherd (Denver, CO)
Mary Lang Sollinger (Madison, WI)
Ken Solomon (Los Angeles, CA)
Peter Solomon (New York, NY)
Alan Solow (Chicago, IL)
Helen Spalding (San Francisco, CA)
Bobby Stein (Jacksonville, FL)
Andre Leon Talley (New York, NY)
Willard Taylor (New York, NY)
Fabio and Molley Terlevich (Philadelphia, PA)
Vinai Thummalapally (Colorado Springs, CO)
Stan Toy (Los Angeles, CA)
Tom Unterman (Los Angeles, CA)
Jon and Ellen Vein (Los Angeles, CA)
Mikal Watts (San Antonio, TX)
Ann Marie Wilkins (Cambridge, MA)
Percy Wilson (Washington, DC)
Anna Wintour (New York, NY)
Judy Wise (Chicago, IL)
Sheldon Zenner (Evanston, IL)

Raising over $200,000:

Naomi Aberly (Dallas, TX)
Mark Alderman (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Paul Bardacke (Santa Fe, NM)
Denise Bauer (Belvedere, CA)
Josh Berger (London, UK)
Andi & Tom Bernstein (New York, NY)
Jeff Bleich (Piedmont, CA)
Neil Bluhm (Chicago, IL)
Tim Broas (Chevy Chase, MD)
Frank Brosens (Bedford, NY)
Owen Byrd (Palo Alto, CA)
Brad Carson (Oklahoma City, OK)
Tony Chase (Houston, TX)
Frank Clark (Flossmoor, IL)
Charles Clarkson (Jacksonville, FL)
Lou Cohen (Washington, DC)
Dick Cohen (Minneapolis, MN)
Les Coney (Chicago, IL)
Greg Craig (Washington, DC)
Ted Dintersmith (Boston, MA)
Kirk Dornbush (Atlanta, GA)
Ari Emanuel (Los Angeles, CA)
Daveen & Alan Fox (Studio City, CA)
Michael Froman (New York, NY)
Mark Gallogly (New York, NY)
Katherine Gehl (Chicago, IL)
Mark Gilbert (Boca Raton, FL)
Steven Gluckstern (New York, NY)
John Gorman (Austin, TX)
Daniel Halpern (Atlanta, GA)
Pam Hamamoto (Tiburon, CA)
Hill Harper (Los Angeles, CA)
Jane Hartley (New York, NY)
David Heller (New York, NY)
Vicki & Bruce Heyman (Chicago, IL)
Rick Horowitz (Wynnewood, PA)
Ted Hosp (Birmingham, AL)
Jim Hudson (Washington, DC)
Mark Iola (Dallas, TX)
Jeh Johnson (Montclair, NJ)
Jim Johnson (Washington, DC)
Orlan Johnson (Bowie, MD)
David Jones (Greenwich, CT)
Sylvia & Sam Kaplan (Minneapolis, MN)
Allan Katz (Tallahassee, FL)
Eric Kearney (Cincinnati, OH)
Lena Kennedy (Pasadena, CA)
Steve Koch (Chicago, IL)
Dan Kohl (River Hills, WI)
Nancy Koppelman (Santa Barbara, CA)
Anthony Lake (Washington, DC)
Nicole Lamb-Hale (Detroit, MI)
Jonathan Lavine (Lexington, MA)
Mattie & Michael Lawson (Los Angeles, CA)
Steve Lerner (Chapel Hill, NC)
John Levi (Chicago, IL)
Chris Lewis (Berwyn, PA)
Chuck Lewis (Evanston, IL)
Margo Lion (New York, NY)
Frank Loy (Washington, DC)
Michael and Jamie Lynton (Los Angeles, CA)
Bob Mandell (Orlando, FL)
Brian Mathis (New York, NY)
Steve McKeever (Chicago, IL)
Jon Merksamer (Sacramento, CA)
Alicia & Tim Mullen (Chicago, IL)
Spencer Overton (Chevey Chase, MD)
Jason Paez (New York, NY)
Steve Pajcic (Jacksonville, FL)
Yolonda Parker (Los Angeles, CA)
Don Peebles (Coral Gables, FL)
Jonathan Perdue (Mill Valley, CA)
John Phillips (Washington, DC)
Penny Pritzker (Chicago, IL)
Wade Randlett (San Francisco, CA)
Ron and Deborah Ratner (Cleveland, OH)
Doug Rediker (Washington, DC)
Tom Reed (Centreville, VA)
Jim Reynolds (Chicago, IL)
Cindy Moelis & Bob Rivkin (Chicago, IL)
Skip Rosenbloom (Sacramento, CA)
Kirk Rudy (Austin, TX)
Frank Sanchez (Tampa, FL)
Andrew Schapiro (Chicago, IL)
Michael Schell (New York, NY)
Tod Sedgwick (Washington, DC)
Jeff Shell (Philadelphia, PA)
Jane Stetson (Norwich, CT)
Cynthia Stroum (Seattle, WA)
Lou Susman (Chicago, IL)
Bob Sussman (Washington, DC)
Tina Tchen (Chicago, IL)
Grace Tsao-Wu (Chicago, IL)
Jim Tyree (Chicago, IL)
Kirk Wagar (Miami, FL)
Anne Wedner (Winnetka, IL)
Daniel Weiss (Los Angeles, CA)
Beatrice Welters (McLean, VA)
Alexa Wesner (Austin, TX)
Tom Wheeler (Washington, DC)
Barry White (Newton Centre, MA)
Kneeland Youngblood (Dallas, TX)

Raising over $500,000:

Nicole Avant (Los Angeles, CA)
Sandy & Stewart Bainum (Chevy Chase, MD)
Matthew Barzun (Louisville, KY)
Megan & Don Beyer (Alexandria, VA)
Peter Buttenweiser (Philadelphia, PA)
Rebecca Riley & David Carden (Bronxville, NY)
Bob Clark (St. Louis, MO)
Paula & Jim Crown (Chicago, IL)
Richard Danzig (Washington, DC)
Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe (Portola Valley, CA)
Bill Eacho (Bethesda, MD)
Christine Forester (San Diego, CA)
David Friedman (Boulder, CO)
David Geffen (Malibu, CA)
Julius Genachowski (Washington, DC)
Don Gips (Boulder, CO)
Doug Goldman (San Francisco, CA)
Wendy Wanderman & Mark Gorenberg (San Francisco, CA)
Howard Gutman (Washington, DC)
Scott Harris (Washington, DC)
Jeffrey Katzenberg (Los Angeles, CA)
Bill Kennard (Washington, DC)
Orin Kramer (New York, NY)
Karol Mason (Atlanta, GA)
Bruce Oreck (Boulder, CO)
Tom Perrelli (Arlington, VA)
Charlie Rivkin (Los Angeles, CA)
John Rogers (Chicago, IL)
John Roos (Hillsborough, CA)
Alan Solomont (Boston, MA)
Steve Spinner (Menlo Park, CA)
Jim Torrey (New York, NY)
Tony West (Oakland, CA)
Steve Westly (Atherton, CA)
Frank White (Silver Spring, MD)
Robert Wolf (New York, NY)

Names of these “bundlers” don’t mean too much; however, check out this website and see what corporations these bundlers are with: